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10 Reasons to be Happy that you are Single

A positive prospective of the single life.

As a single woman, on occasion I feel pangs of loneliness. My bed seems cold, and slightly empty. Often I opt to sleep on the couch, because facing another night alone in a big empty bed is sometimes too much to bear.

I slouch around most days in my pajamas because after all who am I trying to impress, my dogs? These bouts of insanity often pass quickly especially when I go out in public and see just how unhappy some couples are.

On one occasion a trip to Wal-Mart had me exceptionally thankful to be single. On the next aisle over a woman was being cussed and yelled at by her boyfriend because he had been looking for her and could not find her because she was not where she said that she was going to be. He obviously has anger and abandonment issues that need to be addressed.

I thought to myself that if it were me in her shoes, he would have been walking home and upon his arrival all of his worldly possessions would have been strewn across the lawn. On the other hand maybe he owns the car and the house is in his name. I have been in that situation and it’s hard to leave when you are totally dependent on someone else.

While dining out I have also had the opportunity to see the sullen looks on couples faces that seemed to say that they would rather be anywhere else on earth, with anyone else so long as it was not with that person. I know the look because I have worn it myself. I remember looking across the table at my ex-husband, who at the time I perceived to be my nemesis, and thinking “what in the hell am I doing with this guy”.

So here are my top ten reasons to be happy about being single, because when you think of the alternative, being alone does not necessarily mean that you are lonely.

  1. The only neurotic tendencies you have to deal with are your own.
  2. You don’t have to stop talking to your best friend because your significant other doesn’t approve of them.
  3. When you are late coming home you don’t have to explain where you’ve been.
  4. When you’re single sex is an option and not a requirement in order to keep the peace.
  5. You can go blissfully into debt and not have to hear about how you don’t need another pair of shoes.
  6. When listening to music or watching television, you get to choose the channel.
  7. You can eat ice-cream straight out of the container.
  8. The dishes that need to be washed can sit in the sink for days if you so choose.
  9. You can wear whatever you want to without comments from the peanut gallery.
  10. You can go into Wal-Mart and lose yourself without fear of repercussions from the nut job who can’t find you.
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