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10 Reasons Why You Love Your Wife So Much

Most men will tell you that they love their wife because she is beautiful, loving, and caring. Of course, you might love your wife for those reasons, but then there are some other reasons why you love her so much that you may not know.

  1. She behaves as if she doesn’t even go to toilet. She behaves as if she doesn’t even fart. And so you wonder how it would smell if your wife farts or how the toilet will smell when she is defecating in there. Your wonder increases, your love increases.
  2. When she dresses up in her beautiful outfit, looking so beautiful and sexy, it seems to you as if ROBOTS or MACHINES took her to the bathroom, washed her thoroughly, made her up and dressed her in such a very eye-catching and sizzling outfit. And you are amazed at the wonderful beauty your wife exudes. Your amazement increases, your love increases.
  3. It seems to you as if one of the dreams she had from childhood was that one day she will be loving you so much and so you are amazed that the dream is coming to past and so you get to love her the more
  4. You think she loves you more than her kids. And so you think; your thought goes deeper, your love goes deeper.
  5. She behaves as if she doesn’t enjoy the company of any man except you. And so you feel secured; this feeling of security increases and so your love for her increases.
  6. With the way she smiles at you, it seems to you as if she doesn’t even get annoyed in at all. So you feel you have an angel.
  7. When you come back home from work, she falls into your arms and tells you how much she missed you as if she would have died if she missed you any longer. So you feel so important, this feeling increases, your love increases.
  8. You think she is more beautiful than your favorite female celebrity
  9. When she comes to the bed at night, she sleeps in your arms as if she will die if she doesn’t sleep in your arms. And so you feel that your arms are so safe for her and that no other man’s arms other than yours are safe enough for her.
  10. When she kisses your lips, she behaves as if the kiss is so sweet like the “lollipop” she had yesterday
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