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10 Signs You Should Dump Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Is he/she Mr/Mrs.Right or Mr/Mrs.Right Now?

1. Your significant other has completely changed and it is like you do not even know them anymore. Different look, friends, hobbies and personality. Who is this new person and why are they here? Where did they take your boyfriend/girlfriend? If the puzzle piece changes shape, well it’s not going to fit very well with it’s old, corresponding puzzle piece. Sad but true.

2. Your partner is abusive. They don’t have to hit you to be abusive, though that would be a good sign. If your partner calls your derogatory names, puts you down, belittles you, or patronizes you… well that’s probably time to dump the loser.

3. Once a cheater always a cheater. If your partner cheats on your he/she does not respect you and WILL do it again. Some scientists and even isolated a “cheating gene” in mice allegedly, and I’m defiantly not saying that is an excuse. There are just some people in the world that cheat because they get bored in relationships and they don’t have respect for their partner.

4. They disgust you. Why be in a relationship with a person that you are sick of? OK, you get bored easily, or maybe it’s not easily, maybe your partner has done something that makes them so very attractive all of a sudden. Maybe you were together too long. Sometimes the fire burns out and one must accept if there is no chemistry in a relationship anymore. If you aren’t happen and he/she isn’t happy, what’s the point?

5. You fight way too much. Some fighting is normal, but if you disagree about every little detail in life, it’s probably time to call it quits. A couple should never be at each other’s throats over lost socks and burnt food.

6. Your signifcant other is missing in action. He/She is never around, enver there for you and you can’t remember the last time you talked to them for more than ten minutes. They probably text a lot or give your gifts, or maybe not even this. Are you sure that your even in a relationship with this person anymore? Geez.

7. Your partner doesn’t care about you. What you want, feel or need doesn’t matter and it’s all about him/her. Some people are self centered sure, but this is no excuse to be a horrible partner. If you guy/girl doesn’t care about your well being or your feeling it might me time to move on.

8. You cheated! Obviously you have no respect for your partner and to top it all off you are interested in other people! Why stay in a relationship that should have ended before you went off with somebody else? This is the same situation as number three, except you should have dumped your partner before you moved on and betrayed his/her trust.

9. You feel like you can’t tell him/her anything anymore. They don’t know anything about you and you don’t want them to. There is absolutely no trust. Well sorry to burst your bubble, but trust is a must-have in relationships.

10. It may sound superficial but if there is no sex… there is no relationship. Couple that used to be very sexually active in the past and are now not may fight and may be missing chemistry that they need! This does not apply to relationships in which someone is physically unable to have sex, wants to wait for marriage and isn’t married, or is too young. But if you feel like you are your partner’s libidos just don’t match up ever, it might be something to think about.

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