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10 Ways to Maintain a Healthy, Happy, and Long-term Relationship

Most of us would like a “happily ever after” of their own. Maybe not always with the sugary glazing, but definitely a long lasting partnership is what many people crave for. Although this is not a comprehensive guide, these tips should definitely get you on the right track to finding your perfect other half.

Most of us have at some point in our life came across fairy tales, be it in the form of childhood fairy tales, where the prince and princess lived happily ever after, or the plethora of romantic comedies and dramas from Hollywood. They both have one thing in common – an idealistic view on relationships. It all looks so easy when watched from aside, but it does not teach us how to achieve it ourselves. And one thing is certain, prince charming won’t fall from the sky, and no one can last in an euphoric love state 24/7 forever…

What are we to do than mere mortals? Well you can rejoice for one thing, as although it seems elusive true love and a strong life-long relationship is achievable if you try to be realistic. Here are some rules that should help you get on track.

Be critical

It might sound like a bizzare advice, but it refers to you not others. Look at yourself and realize you are not perfect, and thus you cannot except others to be perfect either.

Be realistic

If you want a royal prince, who looks like a hot Hollywood actor, and has the intelligence levels of Einstein then yes – you will be disappointed with everyone you meet. Do not go the other way either – don’t throw yourself into the arms of anyone that is willing to take you. This is a lot about knowing yourself and knowing what you really expect from your partner. And I cannot emphasize this enough – be realistic. Make a list and pick your priorities.

Know yourself

The first point to finding your dream partner is surprisingly knowing yourself. A successful relationship is very much about having common interest and most importantly life priorities. Yes you can be pretty much opposites, but if you do not share at least some of the very core values, then chances are your relationship is not going to last long. This does not mean you have to be nearly clones of each other, like the same food, colours and songs. It’s more about things like views on life, what kind of values are most important to you, what kind of living environment you prefer. Because if one of you wants to live in the centre of a busy city and go out every night drinking, and the other one prefers country life, drinking tea on the porch and not socializing much beyond closes friends and family, then problems are bound to arise. And although these are not insurmountable, they definitely make maintaining such a relationship quite a challenge.

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