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15 Signs He or She Isn’t Meant for You

Sometimes it’s hard to tell, but sometimes the signs are obvious and they’re right in front of you. It could only probably take a fool to read all the signs.

There’s always the BIG question when you’re thinking of starting a serious relationship: Are we meant for each other? Is he or she the right one for me? Finding out the answer may proof to be more difficult than said but it’s not something like you would have to solve the Da Vinci code to get the answers. Rather than listing the favorable signs, it is sometimes better to see the reverse. Here are some of the signs that shows he or she is not meant for you, and yes; it’s applicable for both men and women:

  1. When he or she said that they love you but still keeps tons of other women’s or men’s numbers respectively. Well, of course those people could be his or her friends but a constant increase of numbers, new names and initials and suspicious phone calls while you’re together that involves soft whisper and he or she reverted away from you (or sometimes from your sight) to answer those calls can somehow leaves you with puzzling thoughts.
  2. You’ve known each other for almost a year. The problem is that both of you never make the effort to get to know each other’s full name, actual career, each other’s addresses and even each other’s favorite food.
  3. The only thing that you might find interesting about your particular counter-part is that the fact that he was the so-called legendary at playing dodge-ball during his kindergarten years or she had won herself a consolidation prize at a national art competition during 4th grade
  4. So it’s your birthday and he got you a fabulous present of a flight ticket and privilege package at a spa in Hawaii. However, the not-so-fabulous part is that the ticket, it turns out to be one-way. Bummer! (Even worse if it’s a gift voucher that he or she might have won somewhere…)
  5. You’re the first person to found out about his promotion – that is; the first person to know about it through his blogroll
  6. You started flirting with other man or woman while you’re out dating. The reason: He or she is too boring that you’d die to end the date A.S.A.P.
  7. He or she refused to “RSVP” for your sister’s or brother’s birthday the next night just because he or she somehow to that extend couldn’t fit it in his or her schedule
  8. You’re out dating, walking together when you suddenly bumped into his friends (not that you know any of them). They talked for a while and when suddenly one of his friend ask him or her your name, casually and jokingly he or she replied, “ah, that’s not important” and immediately changed the subject. “Ouch!” to the rudeness.
  9. You often argue, even over the smallest matters. For all those times it actually makes you think (not that you want to believe it) that arguing is one of the way he or she tries to show you affection and love. Now, that’s overly dangerous.
  10. He or she claimed to be commitment phobic
  11. He or she focused more to your lips when both of you are having a conversation. One reason is because he or she is trying to avoid eye contact after all. In some certain situation, if he tends to focus more to parts below your face when you’re talking signals that he IS interested in you but perhaps not for the long term condition. You know what I mean….
  12. Checking the call log modus-operandi. Try tracking down your calls versus his or her calls. Think you did most of the calls? Even if he or she does call, it is often to cancel those arranged dates. He or she is constantly busy, engaged or even ill (most commonly heard excuses during weekends). These are all the primary signs he or she’s not that interested in you.
  13. You can sense the “Don”t come close to me’ or “Keep Away” motto resounds in his or her head. If he remains four feet or more away from you, it is a clear signal that’s his heart is not into it.
  14. He or she made last minute plans and make you handle everything. He or she calls you on Friday or even Saturday for Saturday night’s plan and ask you to make the reservation, booking and all. If a person is really interested in somebody they will go extra mile to get their attention and to please them.
  15. You can’t feel the chemistry and feels that everything is so wrong. Don’t lie to yourself and that’s the cue line for you to let everything go. Sympathy and desperation won’t get you anywhere. There’s more fish in the pond than you think there’ll be.
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  1. rachelSky

    On August 16, 2008 at 9:15 am

    It’s true…being sick or busy is an excuse that I’ve used, but the weird thing with me is that I’ve used it for two different reasons. I’ve used it because I wasn’t interested like your article suggests, but I also used it because I was nervous. I’ll explain. Once, a guy who was struggling financially and going through a bit of depression, told me that he needed to get his life in gear and had to be financially ready, as well, for a relationship. (He had been laid off.) Over the phone a couple of weeks earlier he said, “I am afraid, if I just say screw it and start dating again, before I’m financially and emotionally more secure, the same things that happened before to end the relationships will happen again.” Bearing this in mind, when he called me and wanted to get together, I felt like I wanted to but I couldn’t because nothing about his status had changed. I didn’t want to be a fling, and if he wasn’t ready I didn’t want to be a mistake. I didn’t want to go out with him because it was the holiday and then have to go back to waiting for him to be financially and emotionally ready. Our lives are somewhat like roller coasters at times…either feeling really good or really bad. I would rather wait for him to really be ready than push him to go out when he isn’t. He just started a new career now, but he is way behind financially. Maybe when he catches up and gets back into his good mood, we’ll get together. It’s complicated, but I know he likes me because he’s said it, and I like him.

  2. goodselfme

    On August 20, 2008 at 5:50 pm

    Great focus and sound reasoning. This article tells me you know what you are giving advice about by your own experiences.Wonderful presentation. Roberta

  3. Scarlett

    On August 26, 2008 at 4:41 pm

    Ah ha! Finally someone who has the ability to put it out there in a simple way! I myself feel I have to much pity for people and never have the nerve to end a relationship…which I then find myself doing most of the things above to send the message to the guy. This actually helped me though. I need to repair my flaw. =]

  4. M F Littles

    On August 30, 2008 at 10:36 pm

    15 perfect signs. Nothing more, nothing less. The funny thing is, as simple as these signs may be, people tend to find it impossible to read them, whether it be out of denial, desperation, or anything else.

  5. MJ Taylor

    On September 9, 2008 at 6:27 pm

    I’m taking notes – this is good stuff. My ex also had numbers of other guys on her phone (Two guys) who I knew and she always looked away or broke eye contact when asking related questions.

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