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15 Things Women Shouldn’t Say to a Man

Here are a few guidelines on what to not talk about with a man.

1.) The Size of it. They don’t want to hear about your ex-boyfriends or even what you think their size is. If they ask don’t answer. It’s a trap. They’ll get mad if you don’t answer but they’ll get mad & hurt if you do and it’s not what they want to hear.

2.) Ex-Boyfriends. They don’t want to hear you call him names, makes you seem immature, or talk about him like he’s a god, makes them feel like they have to compete then. If they ask tell minor details like he was ok, we should have probably been friends. If he starts asking questions about him it’s ok to answer just don’t answer saying well he did this for me and no other man could do anything better.

3.) If you take a guy shopping and you think you look better in the green t-shirt than the blue don’t ask the man for his comment. More than likely he’ll say i don’t care or you look great in either. He may even tell you the truth and either you disagree or get hurt. Only ask if you like both shirts but only want to buy one and not sure which to buy.

4.) Don’t talk about you and your best friends fight. Relationships between girls are a mystery to them and they don’t really care. They consider it drama. They think if you two fight that much just cut her lose and quit talking to her. They know within a couple of days you’ll be friends again even after you just said I’ll never talk to her again.

5.) Your not funny. Men want to be funny and want to make people laugh. If something isn’t funny just say I don’t get it and when they explain so oh ok makes since now but it just wasn’t funny to me.

6.) Don’t point out flaws to guys. Even though most guys don’t seem like they have self esteem issues there are a few who do. If you point out these flaws it just hurts them and makes them close up. They don’t point out your flaws. Well most don’t.

7.) Never ask a guy if a girl is prettier than you. Chances are you’ll get a lie or possibly the truth. You’ll never know. They may even give you a truth you don’t want to hear that will just hurt you. So Save the question.

8.) Let’s just be friends when you don’t mean it. If you think you’d be better off as friends than dating then it’s ok to say this otherwise DON’T! It basically tells the guy your trying to let them down gently when they already know you don’t have interest in them. Instead go ahead and say I just don’t feel a connection between us or I’m not ready to settle down into a long relationship.

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