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17 Ways to Have/Maintain a Healthy Relationship

Hare are some great tips on how to maintain a long, healthy relationship.

  1. Don’t be totally consumed by each other: You don’t have to spend every single second with your significant other.
  2. Show each other how much you care about each other, and make it obvious: Guys cannot take a hint, but guys have to be direct with girls so that there are no misunderstandings.
  3. Communication (this one is vital): This is vital for healthy relationships. If there is a misunderstanding or miscommunication, handle the situation with care because it can easily turn into a huge fight.
  4. Let your yes be yes: When you say you’re going to do something together stick to it (unless there is a terrible situation that is occurring). Do not make plans and then disappoint your significant other, it’s a recipe for fights.
  5. Guys should treat the girl: It is a sign of the male’s appreciation towards the female, so even if the female likes to go Dutch insist on paying for her food (this might even impress her more). This is what proves to the female that she is more important to him than any other girl.
  6. Give each other space: If the significant other wants to be alone let them, if you try to approach they may actually try to pull away (unless it is obvious that they need to talk to someone).
  7. Treat each other with respect- this means that guys appreciate the girl for who she is and not what she looks like, and girls don’t gossip about every little thing the guy does wrong. This also means that you should not try to embarrass your significant other in front of other people.
  8. Talk about common interests: If the girl is not comfortable with bodily functions, then guys should not talk about bodily functions. Talk about things that appeal to the both of you.
  9. Get in a couple of debates: I do not mean fights. See what the other person believes about certain issues. This can help you if you are in a serious relationship because, for example, you both disagree and a large issue, such as abortion, it may cause several difficulties if married.
  10. Be affectionate: I do not mean go all out. I mean give hugs and simple means of affection. Emotional support is a huge help, and it help with communication as well. Give compliments often.
  11. Help each other: For example, if your significant other had a long day at work and you had plenty of free time you could cook them dinner.
  12. Be there for each other (mainly talking to men): This sort of runs hand-in-hand with “let your yes be yes,” but this time I mean that if your significant other has numerous events they are in (like a piano recitals or fashion shows) it means a lot to them if you come to the event, but it mean even more if you come to all the events (if there are multiple ones).
  13. Notice small things (for women): Watch how the male treats his mother, this could be a sign of how he may treat you if anything permanent turns out. (for men) watch how the female responds to certain situations and take notice of what she is sensitive towards.
  14. As time goes on, gifts build up: When you first start dating it is nice to give a little gift now and then. Give a little something for Christmas and their birthday. But the more time you are together the nicer the gifts become. Both of you may have to establish when to give gifts (which helps with communication). The male should give the nicer gift, once again, to show how much he appreciates the female.
  15. Come up with fun, cheap dates: Finances can lead to a few minor complications. A way to have fun with each other is to put your minds together and come up with fun creative dates you would both enjoy. This helps with communication as well, because if one of the two does not want to do something they need to speak up.
  16. Introduce: If anything permanent happens (like marriage) it is very important the male is friends with all the female’s friends, and visa versa. This will prevent a lot of gossip and conflicts.
  17. Grow together: This is by far the biggest point. Each couple should grow together spiritually. What keeps a marriage intact is when two people grow in Christ together, this is because they learn to forgive each other and they don’t keep track of the wrong doings of the other.
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  1. Freddie

    On October 8, 2008 at 8:25 am

    I would like to elaborate on points

    1.Don’t be totally consumed by each other: You don’t have to spend every single second with your significant other.


    6. Give each other space: If the significant other wants to be alone let them, if you try to approach they may actually try to pull away (unless it is obvious that they need to talk to someone).

    I like to be with my significant other every moment I can, although not all, and she tends to the same, we see each other every day (we work in neighboring buildings) even though we do not go out every night.

    Is this acceptable for points 1 and 6?

  2. jonny

    On June 8, 2010 at 4:13 am

    i agree with ya there when you see to much of each other you grow further apart its hard to take in especially when you do everything for the one you love

  3. Justin

    On September 18, 2012 at 2:56 am

    Hi there,

    Indeed theses tips are simple and sensible and of course it works too..

    I am just commenting on this page , hopefully I would get a resolution to my problem … It’s been 4 years since my girlfriend and I have dated.. In 7months time we both are going to graduate .. Both of us are afraid aloud relationship will fall apart. Both of us do not want this to happen..

    There are some ppl who adviced us to keep in touch .. But how ? Meeting up will be rare as we won’t be in the same college anymore… So even thru phone calls or whatsoever , it is an eventually event that our bonds will break…

    I really appreciate this girl and I don’t call it a puppy love. Same goes to her.

    Some advices or help would be greatly appreciated.

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