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20 Ways to Romance Your Special Someone

Some new and unique ways of saying I love you.

I married a man that doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body. I thought it would be nice to let all men out there that have a hard time romancing their wives know that WE WANT TO BE ROMANCED!! Even if you feel that you will look stupid, or she might laugh at you, SHE WON’T!! It will 100% help out your marriage or relationship. We want to know that you care! Most women want a visible sign of your emotion, although she may not ask for it, she does! I’ve come up with some free or very cheap ways to romance your loved ones!! There are some more expensive ways at the bottom of the list if you feel the need to spend money, however money really isn’t that necessary to show someone you care!!!

  1. Flowers-No you do not have to go to the store and buy her flowers, step outside or go for a walk, find some pretty flowers and pick them! You don’t even have to arrange them if you don’t want to. Just the fact that you thought of her enough to go get the flowers will make her happy!! Although try not to bring her flowers that have dirt hanging from the roots, that isn’t the best possible sight to look at and it may say….Hey I cared enough to run out and quickly pull flowers, roots and all, now shut up already!! Take the time to actually cut the flowers!
  2. Post-it’s–I know you are thinking post-its? What in the world are you talking about? How can Post-it’s be romantic? Well I will tell you! Take about 20 Post-its and write romantic messages on them, then hide them all over the house! Some that she will see right away, such as on the bathroom mirror, and some that she may not find for a week or so! My husband did this for me once, and I loved it! It really showed me that he cared! Some ideas for messages are “I love you”, “I’m thinking about you”, “You are my One and ONLY”,etc.
  3. Messages in the mist- When your sweetie is taking a shower and the mirror is all fogged up, sneak in there and write her a love note. She will see it the minute she gets out of the shower and it will make her day! This will also work if you write something on the mirror when you get out of the shower, because the next time she gets in the shower the fog will bring it back up on the mirror, however after your wife/girlfriend cleans the mirror the message will be gone.
  4. E-cards-Search the net for a perfect e-card that describes that way you feel about your honey! Surprise her when she checks her e-mail!
  5. A simple I Love You- Tell your wife “I love you” every morning and every night!”
  6. Lunch love note-If your wife/girlfriend works sneak a little love note in with her lunch! It will remind her during the day that you were thinking about her!
  7. Call- If your wife/girlfriend doesn’t work, surprise her with a call on your lunch break! Just tell her you were just calling to tell her you love her!
  8. Snuggle- Most women love to snuggle! When you go to bed tonight just pull her close and whisper in her ear all the things you love about her!
  9. Bubble Bath-Surprise her with a bubble bath complete with dim lighting (or candles), soft music, and you!
  10. Take the kids to the park- When you have an extra hour, take the kids to the park or to a movie, tell your wife that you would like to let her have some time by herself! She will thank you (in many ways than one!) all day long!!
  11. Sneak the Arm- Next time you are at church with your woman, put your arm around her, or on her leg. Let her and everyone else know that she is YOURS!!
  12. CD- record a love note with all of her favorite love songs onto a CD and leave it in her CD player.
  13. Thank You- Make a list of all the things your wife/girlfriend does for you that you probably take for granted, put it somewhere she is sure to see, and thank her for each one!
  14. Hold her hand- Make sure you hold her hand when you take her somewhere! This lets her know that you are not ashamed of being with her and rather you are very proud that she is yours!! Make sure you are the one to initiate the hand holding!!
  15. Just talk-Suggest the idea of taking 30 minutes out of each day that you both just spend time together talking about each of your days or whatever else comes to mind!

    Now for the more expensive ways to romance her:

  16. Send her to a spa- Buy her a gift certificate for the spa, you take the kids for the day and send her off with her best friend!
  17. Take her on a second honeymoon- (If you are married) Surprise her with a second honeymoon that you have already planned out and set up!
  18. Dinner and a Movie- I know it’s a classic, but we still love it!!!
  19. Presents- Stop by the store on the way home from work and buy her something she has been wanting!
  20. Shopping- take her shopping, this is self explanatory and all women love to shop!!

Okay men, now you are equipped with 20 ways to romance your wife! Go for it!!!! You will find that your trouble was well worth it!!!

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  1. quiet voice

    On April 12, 2008 at 8:58 pm

    …well thought out article,
    good job.

  2. Tenchi

    On June 2, 2008 at 5:48 am

    nice one :) ty for the effort

  3. Eden Emersen

    On July 18, 2008 at 3:00 pm

    These are great suggestions–very thoughtful!

  4. katarina giselle

    On January 13, 2009 at 11:16 pm

    I love 2 and 3! very creative! And 15 down of course l0l

  5. fagina

    On October 29, 2010 at 10:53 am

    hey,I liked the lunch love note idea!M goin to leave my hubby a lunch love note..very special way to say I care…:)Thanks for the tips..These can be done to the husbands by the wife as well…Everyone wants to be loved,irrespective of the gender…but unlike men,no one needs to tell a woman how to romance ur guy cos i guess we r born with the “romantic bone”..good article:)

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