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24 Questions for a Father to Ask His Daughter’s New Boyfriend

Not sure how to respond or what to do about your daughter’s new boyfriend. Here are some questions you can ask him.

1.  What do you like about my daughter?

2.  Where did you take her on the first date?

3.  Before meeting my daughter, how long were you single?

4.  Have you ever been married or engaged before?

5.  Do you have any kids of your own?

6.  What are your intentions with my daughter?

7.  How long do you plan on being in her life?

8.  Where do you do work?

9.  Did you go to college? Where? If not, do you plan to attend college?

10. What did you study or plan on studying

11.   Are you musically inclined?

12.    Do you have any special gifts or talents?

13.  What future goals do you have for your life?

14.  Where do you live? In an apartment, house, condo, with friends?

15.  Where did you grow up?

16.  What does your mom and dad do?

17.  Where do they live?

18.  How many brother and sisters do you have?

19.  Where do they live?

20.  What kind of career do they have?

21.  What kind of sports are you into?

22.  Do you play any sports?

23.  Who is your favorite team?

24.    What do you do when you are not working?



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