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Action Sammy’s Dating Tips: Is It Possible to Fall in Love Online?

The possibility of falling in love with someone you just met online long before meeting face-to-face.

Can you really fall in love with someone you just met online without having met them in person? This is a somewhat very controversial question and there are very sharp disagreements on the answer. Some will say yes while others will probably say that it’s not really love but infatuation.

Finding love online is part of the wave of the future. As the number of internet users grows, so does the number of people turning to online dating sites to find Mr./Mrs. Right. The number of people falling in love with someone online will also increase.

Many people frequently nag about the seeming impossibility of separating the real people from the fakes online. Since you can’t see what the other person looks like or read their facial expressions you can’t tell what their true intentions are. Contrary to these fears, however, there are ways to read a person’s intentions through the computer screen. Just as the fakes routinely slip and drop hints that they are indeed fakes, a person who is developing serious feelings about you will also give hints.

Now, many of you may say that it’s impossible to develop a serious bond for one another by just corresponding without meeting face-to-face first. Some may say that you still have to make sure that there is physical attraction first. However, physical attraction is not always important in sealing a relationship. One thing about corresponding with a prospective future spouse online is that, by communicating with one another frequently and finding more common ground, it easy to become so mentally and emotionally attached to that person that finally meeting face-to-face is basically just a formality rather than a further test.

Another prime example can be Operation: Dear Abby, in which Dear Abby will frequently publish the mailing addresses of certain military commands for civilians to send letters addressed to any military service member. There have been numerous instances when a man and woman began correspondence through Operation: Dear Abby, kept in contact for as long as a year, finally met in person, and became engaged the following day.

If such loving relationships can become solid through snail mail then logic would suggest that in the era of speedier communications like email and instant messenger people have even fewer obstacles preventing them from falling in love with someone before meeting face-to-face.

This isn’t to say that those who would be quick to say it’s just infatuation don’t have a point, however. There could, indeed, be just mere infatuation with the person on the other end of the computer. Corresponding with someone online for a certain amount of time can cause one to become increasingly mystified by that person and cause your desire for that person to increase day-by-day.

And even though you may have seen plenty of pictures of this person there is still a certain level of thrill being produced by continued correspondence. Lust will also begin to play a role.

But many relationships begin with lust and infatuation, whether they began in nightclubs or through online dating services. Why should relationships that began through online correspondence be held to higher standard when many of the same naysayers about finding love online still insist that meeting the old-fashioned way is better?

In other words, yes, two people can fall in love online before meeting face-to-face.

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