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Advantages and Disadvantages of Living Together

Do you feel that being in love and living together is a wonderful thing? Do you sometimes feel like you are chained in a relationship? Do you really think that living together is a good idea? Eventually how much do you know about the good and bad of love?

Do you always feel as if your boyfriend or girlfriend is overly controlling? Do you always wonder what life would be like after you finally are with the person you are destined to be with for lifetime? Have you ever wondered the goods and bad of living together before you are married?

Trend of Living Together

With the rapid modernization living together has become a common thing, especially in the western countries. No offense, but it is considered unpleasant in the eastern society. Well eastern society is very critical regarding these issues and living together is a big taboo for the eastern culture. However, in the west the whole case scenario is different from the eastern customs. Here every couple prefer to live together long before getting married or to be precise as soon as they fall in love.

It sure is becoming like a trend, more like a clothing line or popular fashion trend that everyone loves to follow. I am considering it as a growing trend because it is followed not only by the westerners but also the people who are grown up in the eastern culture.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Speaking of relationship advantages and disadvantages, first of all let me clear that I have not been through the real thing. But one thing is for sure that I speak from experience. From the time I have come to west I have experienced the highs and lows of the love relationship. I have had roommates who are soul mates and have absolutely listened to their endless argument and of course endless affection which gets me really sick sometimes. Not because I feel lonely but because public display of love makes me really uncomfortable. However, it is not the smooching part that spins my mind it is the argument part.

Well, after all that I have been through I just can wonder how can two people spend their whole life together if they can not decide what they want and in most cases can not agree in one thing. The things that I am writing are just the basic things that I have seen and heard but I can not imagine if the trailer is like this then what the whole movie will be like.


Here are just some basic good points that I can hardly point out. I say hardly because after all that I have seen it is really difficult for me to point out the good things. Normally I hardly see any good point but I do agree that every relation has its good and bad.

  • You get a good support especially when you are seven seas away from your family a good support and love means so much.
  • You would not have the feeling of being alone; yes he/she would be always with you.
  • You have someone whom you care about and vice versa.
  • You get a reason to cook foods.
  • You have someone to share your sorrow and happiness.
  • Love is a great feeling and you have someone with whom you can share it.


Well, I know you must be thinking that this is too little good points but this is all I can see. However, I do agree that love is a wonderful thing but wait till you see the other side of it.

  • You have to compromise in everything that you do.
  • You have to stop wearing certain clothes just because your significant other thinks it looks skimpy or simply because your significant other does not like it.
  • Girls: You cannot cut your hair because he does not like it. Boys- you cannot grow your hair because she thinks it gets a bad impression.
  • You will have a lots of assignments to do but will end up doing none of it.
  • Your significant other knows that you have a class but your phone will somehow ring during the class period.
  • When you call back after the class is done you hear a crude response, “Why didn’t you pick up the phone? I have been calling you thousands of times!”
  • Remember the good point that you will never be alone – now think how good it is wherever you go he/she will be with you. You can end up having no time for yourself.
  • You will get shouted at every time you do something that the other does not like.
  • You will have no private life, or should I say you would have a shared life.
  • You would have to make lots of promises, eventually so many that you would not be even able to keep it.
  • You will be constantly swept away by emotional turmoil.
  • No matter what you do there will always be statements of dissatisfaction.
  • You can not eat a lot because he/she thinks you are becoming fat and you can not eat less because he/she thinks you are being too much conscious about your weight(Yes of course it happens mostly in the case of girls. The boys keep saying you have become fat and when you stop to eat they will say why are you not eating?). Well I find it very annoying.
  • You have to sacrifice your dreams and even if you choose not to then you will be constantly be bothered by him/her. You end up getting a lot of input some of which you will not need at all.
  • You will be treated like a private property (not in all cases but what I have seen till now it was all the same).
  • When you take a decision it will have to be approved by him/her first and if you do something without asking or consulting guess what will happen.(Yes, you guessed it right. You will be constantly poked and oh the emotional drama yet again).


Well, as you see there are lots of restrictions when you are in love but despite all that love is a beautiful thing. These advantages and disadvantages apply to the love as a whole but I took it in the case of living together because in the east a boy and girl never stay together (unless they are married).

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  1. bryan

    On October 2, 2008 at 12:32 am

    this topic is good and very interesting. But somehow try to focus on the other way aruond like for xample of simple friend or just simpe boyfreind and girlfriend. thank you

  2. arieL

    On September 6, 2010 at 5:57 am

    ..tENKxX fOr DiS.. iT hElPeD Me A LOt!! gOd BlEsSS!! :) )

  3. maddy

    On May 9, 2012 at 3:08 pm

    This isn’t describing the advantages and disadvantages of living together. This is discribing the advantages and disadvantages of an ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP. Don’t get them confused. Also, these points are oddly specific (ex., he doesn’t want you to cut your hair). Are you in an abusive relationship?

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