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Advice for Women with Cheating Men

Advice for women with cheating men is to end the relationship of someone having fun at the expense and betrayal of another.

Advice for women with cheating men is to not participate in the frolics of someone having fun at the expense and betrayal of another.  Cheating is akin to lying and stealing which are not desirable traits when it comes to being in a relationship with someone.  What the wife or girlfriend need to do is to use displacement to discover what to do with a cheating man.  

Displacement is the psychological term of placing a placebo or a similar replacement item that is supposed to perform the duty as if the original.  A cheating man is no more than a liar or a thief so a precious relationship was about to get stolen.  Would one sit around and watch it happen?

One would place the valuable item such as a relationship in a safe deposit box at a bank and now allow the valuable relationship to be stolen.   Thus is the scenario of a cheating man who a woman has entrusted her love, faith, and future.  The cheating man is like a thief who takes that which is wife’s and gives it to another.

Advice for women with cheating men is simple.  Don’t buy into the excuses and the asking for forgiveness after self-pride and self-esteem were affronted.  The difference between the thief in the night who takes valuable precious gems or investments that took time and effort to accumulate is that the thief is standing there asking for forgiveness having been caught cheating.

  A court of law would look at the offense and based on precedent case law make a decision about what to do with the thief who stole the valuables.  The accusing woman must be factual and practical in ending the relationship not giving in to memories of past good times. The woman must realize that she is looking at a thief and a liar and should guard herself from other cheat occurrences of thievery that is bound to happen again and again.

The woman with the cheating man needs to get out of the relationship and place her love, confidence and trust into someone who is more deserving and trustworthy.  Sometimes there is no one else at the time to trust valuables to and the thing to do is to guard those valuables the best way possible until another mate or partner is met.  The woman cheated on should take time to assess the relationship and seek counseling if marriage and children are involved.  The goal is to save the marriage, which is also, an investment that was tainted for a time with cheating. 

 If the relationship is a courtship without the legality of marriage, then it is better for the woman cheated on to get out of the relationship because there are no strings attached other than misplaced emotional valuables such as love. 

 The woman cheated on should find someone else to love who is more trustworthy and deserving of being in a relationship.  Someone who will not play with love but will be dedicated to loyalty for the building up of a strong relationship is the advice for women with cheating men.

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