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Affairs Between Married Women and Single Men

I lift the lid on affairs between married women and single men. There are some pit falls you may not have realised?

Affairs between Married Women and Single men the truth!

I am not qualified as a life-councillor or Psychiatrist, however I have had experience of different relationships for which some I’m proud of and some I’m not. There is a well documented sexual connection between married women and single, available men. In a recent survey I read, it stated that just over 32% of married women will have an extra marital affair at some stage of their married life.

To qualify my opinions as regards this sensitive subject I will say that I have had relations with more than one married woman and less than ten, that’s as far as I will go for glaringly obvious reasons. These affairs were strictly in the past and that is where they are going to stay.

So what is the attraction between married women and single men? In the recent box office hit film ’Casino Royale’ starring the new James Bond played by Daniel Craig, there is a scene between James Bond and the attractive super villains wife. During a steamy encounter between James and the married woman, she says along the lines of,

“So James do you always date married women? Is it because its exciting?”

James replies along the lines of,

“No its not the danger of doing something you shouldn’t it’s the safety of having no strings attached, and yes I only date married women”

To some extent there is truth in the conversation. A married woman cannot see the man when ever she wants to and visa versa the single man can’t just turn up on her door step when he wants to see her even for a cup of tea!

Practicality and convenience play a factor in the extra marital affairs to. Let me explain supposing you’re a single guy out for a night with your friends perhaps night-clubbing, you see an attractive woman out with her friends and you strike up a conversation. The conversation will flow very nicely and the woman will match your compliments and be very outgoing towards you, this is because of the time factor.

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  1. LoveDoctor

    On December 15, 2010 at 12:54 pm

    A very good article with valid points. Skank is the only word that I can use to describe a married woman having an affair. If she is not happy in her current relationship, then get rid of the jerk. Most women seek affairs because they seek the adventure and attention missing from their monogamous relationship. Yes, I do agree with you that it is convenience from both parts. the guy has nothing to lose. The world is very screwed up these days. Women should respect themselves.

  2. lillyrose

    On December 15, 2010 at 2:16 pm

    Very good article for discussion. I think all extra marital affairs run the risk of disaster whether you are a single woman going with a married man or a married woman going with a single man. The married man having affairs with a single woman, is as old as the hills I think that is maybe because it is easier and more easily accepted for a man to walk away from his children and wife, a women would be condemned for leaving her children but not so much her husband nowadays (well not in this country anyway!) and these are things you must consider if you are going to have an affair.
    Personally I think that if a married woman has an affair she is seeking something other than just sex, thats why many married women have affairs with other women too. Married women especially if they are mothers loose who they are, they are no longer known as an individual but a wife and a mother. They work hard but are never told how well they are doing. They are no longer thought of as a temptress by their husband. Women no matter what age, mothers or not, need to feel loved and that they are still part of society. Affairs make them feel whole again, like they were when they didn’t have the burdens of marriage or children. This doesn’t mean they don’t care for their husband or children anymore, it just means they want some of their own self back. Marriages that work are marriages where both parties never stop thinking of themselves or their partners as individuals.

  3. mahesh golani

    On December 15, 2010 at 11:45 pm

    Yes! You are right! I may add though that my experience with married women when I was single was a disaster. I enjoyed with single women somehow

  4. Rehoboth

    On December 16, 2010 at 3:04 am

    nice post

  5. albert1jemi

    On December 16, 2010 at 9:48 am

    gud work

  6. Sceptical Thinker

    On December 17, 2010 at 3:56 pm

    We can rationalize and justify anything (almost) as a previous comment said if your unhappy with present partner ‘get rid’, but here comes the hypocrisy, you actually want it both ways the benefits of a steady relationship and the excitement of a fling. Interesting and provocative read LB

  7. Lady Fantasy

    On December 21, 2010 at 10:58 pm

    A very good,well written and easily understood article about something that happens every day.Its easy to say if you aren’t happy in your marriage then you need to leave it before having an affair.But there could be a million and one factors why the husband or wife don’t want to break up the marriage.It could be the children,a stable place to go home to, financial/social loss -almost anything.Maybe its easier for the parties involved to have a brief fling then go back to what they are secure in.It don’t make it right but that don’t seem to matter to the parties involved.My worry here beyond being wrong is the risk of contacting a STD since not everyone is honest there or wears protection.But if a married man has an affair most shrug and say so what?But if a married woman does the same thing..she is looked on as the harlot of Babylon and everyone wants to stone her.The husband and wife doing is equally to blame and the children if any is the one that pay the heavy price if the parents split.In the end no matter what anyone says here or does,the facts still remain the same.Affairs while one is married male or female will continue to happen and if caught-the consequences of their careless actions will be a heavy one to pay.It doesn’t matter if it is the married woman/man or the single man/woman…..emotions are on the roulette table and one wrong number could have them crushed-leaving no winners in the end.I was in this position once or twice myself and knows this from experience.Being with a married man/woman is wrong but doesn’t stop it from happening as often as it does.A great jobb done and well worth the read.

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