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All The Single Ladies..

Part of empowering women is calling them out on behavior that is unbecoming. In doing so, I must also reveal part of my testimony that is usually reserved for small groups and not necessarily something I’ve been willing to share with the general public until now. I felt it was necessary here to make my point. Thank God for His grace and mercy. He can take what is broken and make it whole again. The point of this article is not to downgrade any woman, but to bring the whole matter of being a mistress into the light. I pray that women would start to have more respect for themselves than to be pulled into relationships that simply don’t serve the wonderful nature with which God has made us. We can do better than this.

This might get a little ugly, but there really is no nice way to say all of what I need to say here.  Perhaps the rapper, Young MC said it best when he talked about women who are desperate for relationships in his song, “Bust A Move.”  He said, “Lookin’ for a man makes them opportunistic.”  From what I see every day on social networking sites, I would have to agree.  I can’t help but be disgusted when I see women “liking” negative or hurtful remarks that some men make about their wives or girlfriends.  I’m equally disgusted to see anyone liking what is basically a negative change in relationship status.  Being happy about someone else’s misfortune is just tacky.  Even if you have been sitting back waiting for that relationship to fail (which is pretty sickening in and of itself), to publicly declare that it’s cool for someone’s marriage to end is just hateful and it really says something about the kind of woman you are.  Ladies, please know that being able to capture the attention of a married man or one who is already in a relationship with someone else is not an indicator of how wonderful you are.  It is, in fact, a clear sign that you are not being nearly as wonderful as you were made to be.  If the man were a real prize, he’d be putting all of that time and energy into working on his relationship with his wife or significant other and not flirting with or worse, engaging in any kind of intimate relationship with you.  You’re not important to him and you probably never will be; at least no more important than the other one or ones he professes to love or care about.

The fact is that you’re just another notch on his belt.  You’re a part of his grand plan to blame everything wrong in his life on everyone else.  When you fail to serve your purpose, rest assured he’ll find a way to make you responsible for all that has gone wrong in his life.  He fails to take commitment seriously.  He fails to see the value of the other people in his life.  He fails to feel significant remorse for the hell he puts others through.  And if confronted about it, he’ll likely start to view you as the enemy as well. 

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