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Along The Railroad

Along the railroad, you can see actual scenes of knife attack, robbery, and filch.

Six O’clock.  There seems to be a routine of people to stay away from the tracks, and get into their respective rooms and houses. A train is expected to pass on the tracks, bustling and hustling, blowing its horn so loudly, and the screams of the children do not awaken the people, but the shaking of their small houses does. It takes ten minutes to completely hear nothing from the outside.  I live near the highway, where there is more peace compared to the settings along the railroad, where my friend, Maya invited me to stay, when I first arrived in the city.

 Maya used to be my classmate in high school, and I considered her one of the rare. But some of our classmates got jealous with the kind of closeness we had. It seemed she had everything: the brain, the beauty, the body, except a family.  It was always a topic when we had disputes for the reason that she could not still accept that her dream of having back her father just remained a dream and can be forever. Her father left them when she was in the mid of growing up…that made her always freak out. Since that time then we never talked to each other anymore. I didn’t know that our classmates kept on telling her to stay away from me because I am a bitch, who curses her downs and falls, when she’s not around. She never confronted me about anything; and I never knew what really made her so nasty since that time then.  She has the kind of volatile spirit. Until our graduation came, but still…perhaps we both thought of despair, and both our egos furnished our hearts with wrath. After all, we’re not neighbors, and for sure we thought we wouldn’t see each other anymore.  Our friendship ended. 

That was eight years ago; and now that we meet again after such a long time of on and off immature friendship, we prove to ourselves that it’s worth the time of pity quarrels.  Real friends forget all that hurt and remember only happy moments and the struggles of saving a rare friendship. We met near a mall, where I was looking for an apartment to stay, upon my arrival in a new big and busy city.  I could hardly recognize the voice screaming, calling my name not so near behind me.  I was surprised to see my long lost friend, after eight years.  For old time’s sake, we never had a long conversation but ended up her inviting me to stay in her house, while I’m still looking for a place to stay.

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