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“Arabic” Sex Drive

"Arabic" people (men) are famous for their sex extra-power. Polygamy is allowed in Islam, probably due to the over-powered sex drive in Arabic men. God accomodates men’s adventurous sex habits through this Law of polygamy to avoid adultery. The article deals with "Arabic" sex drive, discussing controversial issues.

A man is actually equipped with the ability to share his sex / love / wealth among more than one woman. This is probably the argument that polygamy is allowed in Islam as a religion of universal well-being. He is never satisfied with only having one woman as his sex partner. In other words, a man like to have sex adventures with one woman after another. Well, am I correct? 

What about the women? Wow, they serve men. We can number off cases of lady trafficking–young girls employed as whores by force. Actually, men’s hobby of sexual adventure has created a lot of business opportunities, such as tourist resorts, hotels with short time services, strip-tease shows, and many more.

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Therefore, I suppose, God accommodates male sex drive by allowing polygamy; but most of us, including Muslims themselves put their egos too high to accept the fact that polygamy is one way to avoid adultery. Why not just legalize it as some countries have legalized gay-marriage–it is biological in nature, isn’t it?

What if women also demand polyandry? Well, it is about genetic identity. When a man has more than one wife, children are genetically clear, only from this man.   When a woman has more than one husband, it is difficult to decide the genetic origin of the children (unless using DNA test, of course). Any way in some nude sites, a woman can have fun with several men at a time, and such sites are in high demand in Muslim countries. Most importantly, a man is a leader by nature. He can lead his wives in a special ways, say having more than one house or a house with several rooms.

Can you imagine a woman having a house with several rooms each for a husband? Or several houses, each for a husband? But, it looks OK if a man has several houses, each for a wife. Besides, it is a man who initiates sex activity. He then can go around one house after another. Again, can you imagine a woman goes to one house after another for fair shares of love, care, and sex?

I tell you what, in Baratayudha Holy Book, Drupadi has five husbands (all genetically related). But, upon entry to Java, it was changed (by Muslim scholars) to be the wife of the eldest brother to support the Law of God prohibiting polyandry; but still maintaining Arjuna as a man with several wives as permitted by God (in Islam).

My point is that I approve of polygamy as a solution to men’s hobby of sex adventures (I myself have two wives) and disapprove of adultery. Any comment?

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