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Bad Women to Avoid

Having problems finding Ms. Right? Learn the tell-all signs of Ms. Wrong before you waste anymore valuable time.


The Angry Woman

She has an attitude seven days a week. For some reason some men think they can change her. No matter how many jokes you make, how much you spend in gifts or where you take her, she will always have an attitude until she is ready to make a change. Save yourself the embarrassing public outbursts of her cussing like a sailor, because someone said something to her she didn’t like just leave her alone.

The Temptress

Across the room you saw her and she smiled at you like she does with every man. She enjoys watching you lust after her; it makes her feel special. However, little do you know she isn’t interested in you, but only how you react to her. After some good times in the sack with you, she will be flirting with your friends. Be careful she just might drop some hints to your wife or girlfriend about your affair; your personal life is the least of her concerns. Simply ignore her, and then watch how her smile will turn into a frown quickly!

The Religious Fanatic

She loves the Lord with all her heart or so she says. The truth of the matter is she is in love with the idea that she thinks she is better than everyone else. She lives, eats, and breathes the Bible and would like for you to change your wicked ways. However, when given the opportunity to be alone with you, she will set aside her religion long enough to be intimate. Once the guilt of having sex with you begins to take hold of her soul, she will treat you as if you are the devil. Save yourself while you can and pray yourself out of her arms.

The Mental Case

You may have noticed some prescription medicines, recreational drugs, or too many herbal supplements in her medicine cabinet to count. She is grappling with some major issues. Take notice of her distant stares as if she isn’t on planet Earth, but some other land far from here. Examine her body for scars mainly those around her wrists. If you don’t want to ride the roller coaster of craziness, run for the border!

The Insecure B*tch

Every time you look at your cell phone there is a message from her. You open your personal and work emails and there is a note from her sitting in your inbox. Your friends tell you she asks about you and then you notice a letter from her in your snail mailbox. When she comes around you, she is questioning every move you make and wants to know what female has been around you and who have you been talking to on your phone. She is not only jealous of your female friends, but your mother, sister, aunt and any other female family member. She is looking around your apartment as if she is a detective and she is snooping in your trash. If you don’t want to end up in court over one of her blow up episodes, say goodbye now.

The Gold Digger

She perfects her game with every man she meets. Some have fooled her with fake designer watches and borrowed sports cars, but she often comes out a winner manipulating men to take care of her materially. Watch those sob stories of needing money; she knows how to shake what her momma gave her to shake money right out of your pocket. Buy your own condoms.

The Storyteller

She has a lie for every occasion. If she is busted cheating with another man, she knows what to say. If she is caught taking money from his wallet, she has a good story for him. When she doesn’t want to do something for you, look out she has another lie. If you have found that everything she wears, says, and does is a lie, avoid the drama and find someone who lives the truth.

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