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Be World’s Best Husband, But HOW?

Like I always say, "if she married you, she already loves you but you just need to remind her just how much she loves you". Check out these tips on how to be World’s #1 husband.
You probably are thinking, "I already am", if so, this article will make you even better.

So you want to please your wife and make her fall in love all over again? Check out these simple tips

- Buy her gifts. Buy her chocolates and flower. You’re probably thinking, “I already knew that!” Well do more than that, add a note or poem. Trust me, even if it is the worst love note or poem in the world, your wife will appreciate your effort and understand what you are trying to do. She already loves you, you just have to remind her how much she loves you. Give it a shot.

- Studies and experience shows that women love, absolutely love to talk about themselves. Be a good listener. The positive side of this is, you don’t have to worry about saying anything that might upset her. If she is talking to you and is upset, comfort her. Hug her and ask her what’s wrong. Also in between dialogue a simple, “i  understand”, or “uh huh”, is great. They will want to talk to you more.

- Compliment her but when she is happy.  It is better to make her delighted with a compliment while she is already in a good mood. 

- Don’t try to tell a joke or compliment her when she is upset. If she happens to change moods because of a joke, she might be upset about the same thing the next day. Just comfort her and talk to her and give her time to talk it all out. Also, stay close to her. Closeness builds relationships when one is in a bad mood and another comforts them.

- Let go- If you ever feel the need to tell her that she has a bad habit or feel the need to criticize, just let it go. Forgiving her mistakes will definitely make you a better husband.

- Agree with her. Women love to be told they are right. Although, this does not mean agree with her is she is doing something wrong, like take up smoking. 

- Don’t be a tough guy. When you are alone with her, be tender, nice, and comforting. These are one of the traits that every girl wants in her “Prince Charming”.

- There are many other ways but you probably already know them. Just knowing these tips doesn’t make you a good husband. Following them makes you a good husband.

If you have any other tips, please write them in the comments below. Good Luck to becoming you wife’s Prince Charming!

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