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Best Way to Forget Your Ex-boyfriend

Separated but it is easy to forget is the most difficult thing in the doing. How can it be forgotten that many romantic story between you and your ex-girlfriend that you spent together. Forgetting ex-boyfriend to be the hardest thing than anything.

For those of you who until now still hard to forget the ex-girlfriend, a few tips below may help you.

9 Ways To forget former boyfriend / lover

1. Keep the Memories About Him
Combine all items or a gift from your ex-boyfriend to a special place and store away in a place that you are hard to see it. Can you save it in a cardboard box and then save it in a warehouse, or can you give to someone else.

2. Remembering Never Former Goodness
Not that you are being selfish, but sometimes feelings can yield only by remembering our former merits. if you want to remember better remember what things that make you both separated. The desire to return to the former is very strong especially when you’ve split a few weeks. Forget all his kindness.

3. Do not compare
Got a new girlfriend but still hard to forget a former lover? Do not compare. Everyone’s got its pros and cons of each.

4. Live Now, Not In the Past
Like a broken kite string. Anything as strong as you try to dial, the former joints will still look as well. Likewise, the dating relationship is separated by a different principle. Live in the present, past memories and leave only the story and then you become part of your life history. Maybe your ex-girlfriend also was thinking about you like you’re thinking of him, but that’s no reason the relationship can be like before. Live! recalled only for old people only.

5. Avoid nostalgia
Do not be crying about what is not yours. Failure really is not achieving it is not our right. Stop reminisce and remember your old stories. There is no point entering unimportant things into the heads. Avoid visiting places that allow you to remember your ex-boyfriend, avoid seeing the things you both memories. which then let go, it’s time you looked into the future. Being happy is your right.

6. Admit That You Hurt
As strong as any man if his heart is broken heart would be unstable and troubled. We humans are weak and too strong. First-theme accept that what we experience is already very nature that, by accepting we become resigned and handed it all to the Almighty.

7. Let go of negative emotions from within
Weep, no need to keep crying. Sadness is a negative energy that must be released. Can be a way to cry or scream. The most good if your into the sea and sat silently staring at the sea water. Salty sea water has the ability to draw negative energy in the body. No need to shout, sitting quietly on the edge of the sea was able to release negative energy and your burdens.

8. Gather with your friends
Laugh and get together with my buddies can help you release negative energy energy within yourself. Vent and consultation to a friend also will help you think clearly.

9. Stay Positive Thinking
Said the old people, when one door closed nine other door will open for us. We do not see it because we are too absorbed in grief. Thinking positively and still assume good faith.

So a few tips on how to forget ex-boyfriend. Do not forget to keep praying to God and learn from experience. Nothing is accidental in this world. What we experience is learning to deal with things more important in the future

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