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Bitter End

When love is not sufficient to keep a relationship.

I’ve seen my fair share of love, how it feels when you are inlove and how it feels when it hurts. Most of us try to make a relationship work but, someone once told me “When you are meant for each other, you are not suppose to make it work.. Everything usually falls into place.” From the moment she told me this, it reminded me of someone I know who tried so hard just to make her relationship work.

Cassandra, a young teenage girl who had all her plans laid out. She was in college, living with her parents and loving the whole idea of being with her family. Life seemed to be going so good for her.  

And. . . When she met Clint, a young guy who seemed to be very fond of her and started courting her. Everything in her life changed from then on. . .

When they were officially together, they haven’t been apart for any second at all. Cassandra was so inlove with him that she even defies her parents wishes of breaking her relationship with Clint. As the year passes, her relationship with him was stronger than ever. They lived together for quite sometime and as they were so passionate about each other, the romance, the fire burning in their hearts bore them a young beautiful baby boy. At the first few months of having a baby, everyone was thrilled and overjoyed by having this blessing. 

But even with this blessing, Cassandra’s family still doesn’t approve of Clint. Her family was providing their needs. Clint having no job made their relationship a lot harder and being at the tip of her family’s mercy. As the days went by, they were both uneasy prone to fights and arguments. Their love could not suffice the pressure they were in since, they were on the turf of Cassandra’s family.

They then decided to part ways, letting their relationship fall out of course. It was hard for them to make such a hurtful decision but that was the only way to keep their love, not letting it die due to circumstances they cannot handle.

A bitter end of a love that was powerful.. Sadly it wasn’t enough to keep it going.

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