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Brides, Getting Cold Feet Before The Big Day: Your Wedding

Just eves away from the big day and can not find a sufficient enough reason for actually getting married. Read this and answer some questions. By the end, hopefully you have found out if you are ready for the rest of your life with that one lucky person.

         Invitations,decorations,honeymoon tickets and of course the wedding dress of your dreams are all ready and are awaiting upon the big day. But the question is if the bride is ready for the first day of the rest of her life. 
Before making any major/drastic decision anyone is naturally bound to become nervous and hostile with doubt. Marriage is the one of those drastic decision. You should be sure that the person who you are handing yourself to is the one that you want to be with the rest of your life. For a woman it is harder because they have to go through more changes. Your surname changing is just a small part, but easily becoming a part of your husband’s family is not easy. Marriage is not something you should think casually of as you are held accountable for your partner as well. You don’t want to make the wrong decision and eventually hurt them in the process and possibly make them hate you. So if you are on that crossroad and are annoyed of your helpless mind, here is a questionnaire to help you steer yourself in the right direction. Getting a piece of paper and pen and start writing. Every time you find the answer write the number down that is in brackets beside the option and just keep following along!

     Think to yourself and go back to the day your partner had asked you to marry them. How did you react? Were you astonished(3), nervous(2), undecided(5), mind boggled(4), or filled with happy emotions(1)? Answer with honesty and not what you would like the answer to be.

     Next, when you had told your friends and family what was their opinion? Even if they are not the people that make the decision for you, they definitely influence them since they know you best. Did they respond with a sigh of relief (1). Were they gleaming with excitement (2). Did they say it is to soon or if you know that your partner is the one for you (3). Or did they just give a nod of disapproval (4). If you were to ask them now of how they felt about your decision, just a couple days before your wedding day what would they say. Take that into consideration. 
When your maid of honour was handing you magazines after magazines about wedding planning, the perfect wedding location, how to find the best wedding dress, how did you participate? Did you tell you maid of honour to pick everything for you as she knows your likes and dislikes (5). Did you ask to have options short listed (4). Did you ask your fiancé for their opinion and then made your final decision (3). Did you pick everything. yourself with pride (2). Involvement in your wedding is important so you know exactly what you are placing yourself in.

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