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Cheating on You!

Do you feel as if your girlfriend or boyfriend has been cheating on you? Read the article to find simple hints, tips, and tricks to catch them in the middle of their lie!

The Beginning:

Being in a relationship is not an easy thing to do, whether it’s the emotional turmoil, the physical affection, or the mental storms you must navigate through to achieve a healthy and happy relationship. You’re working perfectly with your partner for months, maybe even a year or two, then bam, the shit storm hits. You’re partner comes home and something is thrown off, maybe s/he doesn’t seem immediately affectionate towards you, or has a pissy attitude for what seems like no reason. I know I’ve been there a couple times.

Initial Signs:

S/he’s grumpy and doesn’t want to be touched although you have done nothing–in your mind–that should have made her/him that way. Maybe s/he is coming home later then they should, an hour, two or even three after they get off work. A lot of times, couples will start to fight if one or the other partner begins to cheat. This happens either because one partner realizes how unhappy they are in the relationship so they begin to argue all the time to make the other partner feel as if the relationship is falling to pieces. 

Questioning/Acceptance Stage:

This is where the relationship is being cut to it’s last strings. Fights are normally occurring every night and the partner who is cheating is lying, digging a hole deeper and deeper for themselves. Irritability and refusing to be in the same room with the partner are major signs that something wrong is happening. Sit your partner down and ask some questions. Looking up and to the left are the normal human signs of lying. They can not maintain certain eye contact with you as they are answering your questions. Laughter is also a sign of some cheating if the questions are serious. They are laughing at the fear of being accused and found out about. 

No Second Chances

After fighting with your partner, you may be asking them to leave and that is normal. After finding out that they cheat, you become hurt beyond repair, especially after years of being with them. Marriage can make it even worse. You’ll always be asked for second chances, and what I say is no. I say no because once a cheater, always a cheater. You have to understand that they were not satisfied with what you were giving them. Your ability to give was not what they were looking for, and that remains the case even if they come back saying they are ready to try again. They will put you first and everything that you have to give will mean something to them. 


Cheating hurts, and it sucks as well. If major signs come up, you should trust your gut feeling and don’t feel obliged to stay with that person. Obviously you don’t mean much to that person if they are stooping to a level of going behind your back and cheating on you. Don’t let that happen. Be a bigger person and move on. They are not the only fish in the sea and someone out there is swimming miles to get to you. Let it happen. Relax and be grateful that you made a mistake, and that you learned from it. We are all human and we all learn from mistakes.

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