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Communication and Dishonesty

The underlying reasons of dishonesty and distrust, ruining relationships and why they are ruined.

In this day and age, honesty has come to be something that is not practiced like it should be. Honesty in personal, work, and social relationships have become why partners and friends and colleagues can’t stand to be around one another. Luckily that can be changed. In everything that people do, they forget that if honesty is the best policy then why do we try to hide the truth. We hide behind excuses and apologies that really don’t mean a lot.

As time goes on the more that we find that lies and distrust are the emotions that have almost become the only thing that we can feel. For whatever reason that is there has to be a way to break that chain. Will people change their habits of hiding their own shame? Maybe, maybe not. That is mostly what the lies are for. To save face and not have to admit that there was a mistake. To not face the shame that they created or why things have gotten where they are.

If everybody used perfects excuses and lies would that mean that the justice systems would fail and let a murderer go free because despite evidence the excuse was more than enough to have that person acquitted? No, evidence is evidence, so why would the rest of the world rely on lies and excuses to get them out of trouble is beyond common thoughts and views. The more that someone uses lies and excuses to get what they want or to get out of trouble the more that others distrust them. The more that a person is burned the more likely that they will stay away from getting burned again.

That is where the distrust comes in. The more that some one has taken advantage of someone else, or has used and abused this person the more that the distrust puts a thorn in that persons side. The warning bells of gonna get hurt or used. Then the question arises of if they can do this to me why don’t I do it to them? Well that is how things fall apart in every kind of relation ship. It goes from being one sided to being two sided and fighting occurs or all communication stops. There is no communication of discomfort of the positions that have been laid but just simple shunning that creates voids in the hearts of both parties involved.

Greatly understanding and knowing that the lack of communication and caring, causes further dishonesty and distrust. If communication were lines of war then many people would have been buried because of what they are and are not able to do. Regardless of how you feel there is always a way to fix things. But it all has to start with communication and making yourself trust when you feel no trust at all.

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