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Consequences of a Cheating Spouse

Are you prepared for the consequences? They can cause you tremendous pain right in the gut…

The end results for a cheating spouse most always leads to divorce.  However, if you are a forgiving person and can look beyond the hurt and pain your spouse has inflicted upon you, then you might be able to start anew.

For most individuals this is a very difficult task but if you possess an unconditional love for your spouse, you might be able to make ammends. However, just remember “unconditional love”, means you love this person regardless of what he or she has done. 

However, if you have considered all your options and divorce is the way you want to go, then you need to be prepared for what lies ahead, if you have children.

This guide will give you the consequences of a cheating spouse, in the event you end up getting a divorce.

  1. The road you are about to travel will not be easy. You will always carry the shame inside for cheating and even though you may try, you will never be able to justify cheating on your spouse. In your heart you will always know that you deceived the person you loved at one time in your life. However, you slice it, when you cheat you must lie and you will live with this the longest day you live. You will never be able to sugar coat what you have done.
  2. You will always be linked to your ex-spouse forever and ever. You will carry his last name until you re-marry or change your name. Even your family and friends will always associate you with your ex-spouse. Once again, you can’t escape this person.
  3. In most cases the children will continue to carry their father’s last name. This will be a continuous reminder of your ex-spouse, even though you have divorced this person.
  4. More than likely, you will continue to have contact or be in the presence of your ex-spouse at school functions, graduations and weddings. This will make for uncomfortable times in your life because the ex-spouse never seems to go away. You may have divorced this person many years ago and you thought finally this person can be eradicated from my life. However, it seems like every time you look up, your paths continue to cross.
  5. Even in the death of your ex-spouse you will be included and reminded of your lives together. The children will be hurt that they are losing a Mother or Father and you will need to comfort them in their time of need.

I hope this has opened your eyes to reality and you’ll think again if you are considering cheating on your spouse. These consequences are real and is that little sweetie you have been eyeing worth the turmoil, that you will live with all the days of your life?

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