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Cyber Sex, Why Men Like It

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Men tend to see sex differently to how women see it.  To them it is about an instant release because they are frustrated.  Women usually think it is something you do with someone you like or love and are not interested with sex with strangers.  Hence men come onto a computer, especially if they can do it whilst they are at work and being paid to,  asking women to have cyber sex with them, or chatting them up to warm them up and then ask them.  Some will ask straight away others chat for a bit in the hope it softens you up and makes you more likely to say yes.

Of course you have to ask yourself why these men are bothering with cyber sex at all?  And what sort of woman would bother with a man who only wants instant gratification and does not care who it is with?  There are a few women who are into cyber sex but it is very rare.  Usually it is gay men and straight men and usually if a man manages to get cyber sex he is being lied to and it is a man who is pretending to be a woman or an old lady pretending to be a young one.

Some of these guys are after phone sex and think that after a quick chat they will get your phone number (strange how they expect you to give our your home phone number to a total stranger, yet they do not offer theirs)  because they are too mean to ring and pay to ring phone sex chat services.  These services are quite cheap now so you have to wonder what sort of man is too mean to pay for such a service and would rather spend hours on a computer trying to get it free!  Anyone who has a decent income would not bother.

Sometimes the guy thinks that if the cyber sex or phone sex is good then he wants to meet you.  But the whole of his thinking is about sex and he is treating the woman as a sex object, so why would she want such a man?  If she was into offering phone sex to strangers she could work on a phone sex chat line and charge.  If she was into meeting men to give them casual sex she could charge a lot of money.  But no woman who has an self respect or confidence would want a man whose main interest in her is for sex anyway.

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