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Danger Falling in Love

Danger falling in love.

Pericolul de a te indragostiWhen it is better to fall in love: spring or winter, or holiday? When you’re very young, or ever? The Romanian teacher or boss? I believe in love we fall in love anytime and at any time.Can not really anyone. But you’d better be prepared, right?!? Although, maybe that’s the charm of falling in love, it takes you by surprise and you do not know.

When you are the bitter you do not fall prey to temptation, do not quit “enticed” by any man, Taman when Prince Charming is, well, one of her many, and you charms. And what can you do? You have a choice to let you carried away, or reject a potential relationship. It depends on you eventually. Or not?

When you’ve just stepped out of a relationship on the front door or the back, your soul is a little overdone and a bit limp. Does not it feel like Taman then be worn on top, duped and left in the fog. So you try to keep away from males. The first idea that comes at hand is hate. If you fail and I hate them, then everything you send out are full of poison hedgehogs. And that man would be tempted to approach it?

But does one not so bad to heal your wounds former relationship with a love us? Maybe, maybe not. The problem with this wound, the soul, is that do not heal easily. He needs some time to shut down and you can take it to the end of your life. At least you understand what went wrong, why did you hurt and how not to repeat the figure. I mean you can not get back to you any more hurt. At least, not so much as last time.

It can not really fall in love with a danger or necessarily a bad thing. Only when a deal with a man … busy. If you know the mystery of love, just for you, until you pass away, as it’s e. But if you feel you gotta put it on the carpet, was a clarion and flaunt it, sure that someone was hurt.Make sure you do not get you that.

If love should be considered a hazard, then we react to it with the fight or flight instinct. I mean fight or flee. And who feels the need to flee from love? Or to fight it. Further we do when we’re afraid of our feelings and the fact that we can not control completely. Otherwise, love is sweet and beautiful. At least at first.

You can consider in danger when you fell in love and … you were not ready. What would be in the middle of exams, when family responsibilities or other similar situations overwhelms you.When you see your head anyway and barely have time to stuff rasuflii, let alone fall in love.For this thing to the love you can grab all the time and space. And then, where more pull on the shirt??

Although we like to admit, most of us let life wear the veil. We like to think we have everything in control, all about the new countries that we can keep in front of men, but all we know how fast we can run rug from under his feet. As long as you do not think life danger, love will not consider any danger. Or maybe just a little bit like a slightly sweet-bitter threat, but ultimately so enjoyable.

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