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Devious Women

We always hear women talk about men but what about the devious women that set out to entice men using their feminine whiles, sexy voice and talk of sex on a constant? Telling the men what they want to hear?

Men are more gullible then most women because a pretty face; a sexy voice; and the words any man wants to hear when unhappy in any relationship will send them off toward these deviants instead of opening up communications with the one the men proclaimed to love. These women are nothing but gold diggers and home wreckers. They are out for themselves and don’t actually care about the woman left behind.

These women will stop at nothing to get what they think they want. These women will often times pretend to be a friend to the unsuspecting female involved and during a weak moment use their subtle whiles on the woman to gain information that if you are not careful could fall into her spider’s web. After gleaning the information from you they will then twist and turn your words and oftentimes an entire conversation to make you sound like some kind of horrible person that didn’t trust your other half or worse.

These are the type of women that most decent women wouldn’t want for a friend because they would be either doing or working your other half while you are working, taking care of the home or any number of things that would keep you busy. Suddenly you find yourself without your other half and all alone with all your hopes and dreams shattered.

These women have learned to play the man’s game very well and when the man has nothing more to contribute to her in her eyes, she discards him like the trash he discarded his other love like or worse. These women can’t be trusted around anyone because some of them swing both ways and thrive on breaking up relationships. These women are nothing but users. They will sap the life out of you with their whining demands, drain your finances as you try to please and accommodate her every want, then leave you a penniless person looking for somewhere else to live because she kicked your sorry butt out.

Now we have the internet where women work their magic to take what you love by doing the same things and the unsuspecting woman in love with her man; never finds out till it’s too late; most often because the man doesn’t want to work things out. A man would rather run from reality then to stand, face and work out the problems. These men I personally wouldn’t trust to save my life in an emergency, I’d be afraid many of them would place their own lives before that of others.

Every woman has a tail of woe and has had a hard life mostly due to women like these devious ones who learned early they can get most anything they want so long as they use what God gave them to their fullest advantage. Men are hard enough to deal with and to please when they are silent and won’t discuss their feelings or what they perceive as problems to have to deal with these devious women taking them from us as it is.

They will use super sweet tones when saying things like “Oh you shouldn’t have to live like that;” “You should leave and go somewhere else;” “Can’t you get your stuff out of there and live somewhere else?” And they start with “Oh honey you are so kind or sweet;” You will hear all kinds of endearments between them as she leads him on and on and soon out of your home. Mostly it is done to most people behind the woman of the house’s back and late at night when the woman of the house is asleep, there are callus and uncareing men however that will do these things right in front of his supposed beloved’s presence breaking her heart; her spirit; her very essence of her life.

So women be aware! If you are having problems with your loved one and you think it will all work itself in time don’t wait, get him to open up to you now before some devious woman steps into your life and takes your heart from you.

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  1. dropthatdimetoo

    On November 10, 2010 at 4:36 pm

    Very well said! With that being said, I know of a home wrecker that needs to be warned to others.

    Erica Spitulski of Modesto, CA

  2. AllTooTrue

    On November 28, 2010 at 1:10 am

    Thank you for the article. Add the name Francine Griego (Fellows) to the list of those to be aware of…

  3. Denise

    On August 3, 2011 at 7:45 pm

    I just lost my man of 25 yrs to a devious woman- leaving me and our 2 kids stranded -I never knew she was after my man and I hosted her in my own home! :( I will never have respect for her and she is so proud of what she has done and my ex is clueless he honestly believes she is the best thing that ever happened to him-she aint a gold digger she has the money so it more a I am getting old and need a young man to feel young deal ! Probably wants a baby being she single and daughter 21 so she steals a younger man and breaks up a home caring less we r about to go homeless because of her actions! its in her plan she is in legal field make the ex go homeless than I will get the whole family and she loses! NOT I will fight she is beyond devious!

  4. gypsy

    On August 22, 2012 at 9:23 am

    The men are just as much to blame, they made the decision to fall for a tramp. When tramps try to work thier scorcery on me, I say “F*** YOU HOE, IM A F***ING GYPSY!!!!” And I’m out.

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