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Does Wrong Deserve a Sorry?

Say you’re sorry before you have no chance. Saying sorry whether you are wrong or right does no harm.

You screamed, yelled, cried and you went somewhere and thought about the angry words expressed. Time ticks on and you look up and wonder if you should say you’re sorry or wait for the other person to say it first. It maybe better if you expressed the word and you may even feel better. Then you think that you were not one in the wrong. Should you say your sorry? It maybe wise if you did because the bigger person as no problem saying they are sorry even if they were not wrong. Who knows you may not think that you were not wrong but in actuality you were. 

The person may sit and wait for you to come to them and say it. So you just blurt it out and cover your face. You keep thinking man I’m always the one saying sorry. Sorry can go along way. The person maybe so angry but hearing you say sorry can calm them down. Calming them down is just want you needed.  Just breath and get it together and sing sorry, sorry. You could even had something to your sorry and make the person smile.

Try it even if you have to pick up the phone and tell the person. It may just chance the whole outlook of the misguided situation. I know it is not that easy saying the word and you may just be that stubborn. Don’t worry you’ll thank yourself for taking the first step. Rebuild the broken relationship and say sorry!

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  1. Lisa Marie Mottert

    On April 11, 2012 at 4:04 pm

    The bigger person (the one who accepts and respects others viewpoints and opinions ) always says sorry first. It’s my opinion, that people who push their opinions and judge others… never want to admit they may be wrong.
    Recently, i said I was sorry to my sister, for raising my voice to her, (she constantly interrupts me when I’m speaking) so, I finally became stern with her…she didn’t like that…funny thing, she raises her voice to me all the time…however, I’m always the one who says I’m sorry to her…not that she ever extends that courtesy to me.
    Saying your sorry doesn’t neccesarily mean that your admitting you’re wrong… sometimes it’s a nice way of keeping the peace.
    Nice article:)

  2. Angelji

    On April 12, 2012 at 11:05 am

    No age bases as to who says sorry or not…anyone who is at fault should be the one to say must be humble and must have also have a forgiving heart..

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