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Edward Norton’s Romantic Comedy

I’ve watched the few movies that Actor Edward Norton has directed. I have a love for Directors because they really are the ones that MAKE the movie what it is. I have always watched for them and who they are. Surprisingly Edward Norton makes and excellent, rather quiet one……

This is not a new movie.  When judging a movie, it’s better late than never.  Many movies do well in the Theaters to a point but can be deemed sleepers of a sort.  Put Ed Norton, Ben Stiller, Eli Wallach, the late Ann Bancroft and Jenna Elfman together and you get a Movie that should have been wide awake and yet it slept and still sleeps.   To make it clear, just because a Movie sleeps doesn’t mean that it’s no good and this could be no more obvious in relation to this Movie.  It’s a charming, modern day movie called “Keeping The Faith” with a Classic feel about it – perhaps the music, the execution, their style, the quirkiness, the plot!  Who knows.  It just works so well.   Edward Norton is a really good Actor to me and he also Directed this movie and this is not his only Movie Directorship and he is good.

It seems like the plot could be contrived but it’s not.  It is however about three childhood friends, a tom-boyish girl, a blonde Irish Lad and a dark-haired Jewish Lad, all best friends.  She goes on to be a top flight CEO of something concerning esoteric titles like “synergy” and Edward Norton’s character becomes a Priest and Ben Stiller becomes a Rabbi.  They are so delightful because they both admit that they hardly have discipline for either calling and yet they are the new, young, promising representatives of their Faith and they do represent well until Jenna Elfman contacts the Priest because she is coming to town after all these years ago.  The waters become very muddy then!

Both men fall in love with her and the real plot begins.  It has to be the most unique way that their triangle of a sort begins.  The Priest is honestly in love with her and so is the Rabbi and the question is how she gets herself into such a pickle.  It’s fun watching how the romance she has with one of them unfolds and what it tries to do to the relationship between the three of them, but for sure it evokes some great irony and belly laughs, parrticularly when Ed Norton gets drunk, or when they challenge the guys in the Hood for a game of Basketball or when the two friends get intp a fight.  It’s hilarious and a sweet romantic-comedy!

Liked it
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    Nice and interesting post, like this. Thanks.

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    Thank you very much for the review! I might try and see it you mde it sound so good!

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