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Express Your Feelings and Improve Relationships

A peck on the cheek, a pat on the shoulder and a warm hug are very crucial in any relationship. Sometimes, we become so engrossed in our daily lives that we tend to ignore the people around us. With the kind of pressure dealt by us in day to day life, it becomes all the more important to express love and warmth to our loved ones; be it spouse, children or friends.

Being in a relationship or staying together makes us vulnerable as we overlook these little things that matter a lot. These ways of expressing love and care sometimes hold more gravity than words. Work, business, responsibilities and liabilities make people indifferent to moments that can be cherished. Many a times this indifference leads to detachment and the relationship ends up on the verge of break ups. By the time we realize, it’s too late to mend things. It is important to give time to relationships and to understand the problems that act as hindrance in our ways. Majority of break ups, separation and divorces happen because people act hastily and do not want to understand and accept problems.

They keep blaming each other instead of realizing their own fault. Most of the times, our ego prevents us from actually sitting down and ponder over these things. It gets in the way of accepting mistakes and making an effort. However, by talking over things we can understand each other’s expectations and start working in the same way. However, if you think that things are not working out, you can always seek help from a counselor and let him/ her guide you through. Giving time, expressing that you really care and not letting the ego come between are the key things that can keep relationships going.

By putting in some efforts we can actually save our relationships and make our partner/ spouse realize their importance in our lives. This not only can save a relationship but can also bring happiness and contentment in life. Giving gifts or little surprises when least expected can really cheer up your loved ones or for that matter even writing notes and saying sweet nothings can make a difference. We fail to realize that all these things can actually bring us closer and strengthen our bond. There is nothing better than the feeling of knowing that someone really loves and cares for us. So take out that extra time and let your loved ones feel special.

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