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First Love, True Love – Getting Over It

It is always easy to fall in love. Trying to fall out of love is not. Getting over someone from your first and real love is a very difficult task. Many have experienced it and many until now find themselves thinking of that person all the time and don’t know why it is happening. Here are some helpful tips to help you get over it.

First loves are never forgotten and you just have to accept it. The memory of your first love will always be very special and will always be a part of you. But you have to move on for there will always be a brighter future.


Getting over of your first love is going to be a real tough task at times especially if both of you still love each other.  It will never be easy. It feels as if nothing is as painful as getting over a recent relationship and it is your first ever true love. It feels like the world is crumbling right in front of you and you’re helpless. This person taught you what love means. This person showed you how to love and be loved. And you thought that you will spend the rest of your life with him or her.

But you have to move on with it. It is not the end of the world. It is the beginning of something new. It is the start of a bright future for you.

So stop communicating with your ex. You must cut off every tie with the person. Stop all communications. Whenever you feel like giving him/her a call or sending a message over your cell phone. Delete their phone number. Just remember why you parted ways and you will not feel like getting in touch with him/her again. Never hook back up with your ex. Just quit talking to them. Erase their names in the internet. Delete them in your FaceBook and MySpace accounts. Change your email accounts and block their emails. Remove them forever in the World Wide Web.

Remove all things that will make you remember the person – pictures, gifts, souvenirs, etc. Anything that will make you think of him or her again. Burn them, give them away and vanished them away forever.

Don’t be friends again. Don’t ever think that you would be able to maintain simple friendship with your ex after your relationship is over. The old feelings are bound to crop up every now and then. Maintain your distance and everything’s going to be fine.

First love never dies? Well, it will always be your first love forever but it can just be part of your history. True love has not vanished from the earth. You will surely be able to find true love in your life. If not now, sometime later. If one door closes, another opens. There are people out there you have missed out because you were with your ex all the time. Have faith.

Share what you feel. It will be very good to take out your feelings. Talk your heart out with your close friends or relatives. You will feel much lighter. Getting support from those close to you can help the healing process. You can also share your feelings by writing about it in your diary.

Accept the loss and try not to cling on to any false hopes. Do not feel that ultimately, your ex will come back to you. Accept the breakup. He or she will not come back. Time to move on.

The simplest thing to do in getting over your first true love is by crying over it. Crying is letting it all out. It will surely make you better about what happened. Cry over the fact that the relationship is no longer there. It is now time to put another step forward.

So move on with your life. Talk and go out with your friends once again. Attend parties and happy occasions. Get busy with your hobbies you have neglected for so long. Take a new sport. Get in the gym, a spa or make yourself beautiful again in a salon. Make yourself desirable again. Do new things and everything that will make you feel happy.

So keep you head up for now. Someone will surely come along and he or she maybe the real thing this time. You will love again.

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