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Five Principles of a Healthy Relationship

It centres on the basic neccsties of a relationship,the little infos that peaple dont really put into consideration becos they count it as nothing ,bt this steps are very important for it would surely count if not now,in the future.


 Relationship…hmm…one word that means a truckload to lots of people. To some a mere mention of this term evokes feelings of “I- just-cant-say-it-in-words” euphoria, to others; a relationship is nothing but an adventure that is simply not worth the mental and emotional investment.

       Relationships come in different forms. You could have a business relationship (where profit making and sharing is the chief aim). You could have a relationship because you are bound by blood (as siblings, cousins, nieces, aunts, parents, etc) or it could just be platonic. This type of relationship thrives on a spiritual or intellectual connection devoid of intimacy. We could go on and on defining and talking about different shades of relationships but for the purpose of our publication, lets go into specifics:….a little chit-chat strictly about the kind of relationship that exists between a man and a woman as a prelude to marriage-a love relationship as it were having made the transition from “knowing you” to “loving you” then to the “I’m-about-to-marry-you” stage. So what about it?

        According to the New World Dictionary of the American language, “relationship” is defined as the quality or state of being related/connected. How apt!This definition ultimately shows that certain unique features and attributes define the way we are linked or connected to an individual. This is the quality a relationship talks about .Even though it is a work in progress, it should possess some degree of excellence (or show we are headed in the right direction). This is the only way to draw the line between that “relationship” and every other relationship.

        When in a relationship, it takes a conscious effort to raise the bar and make it something worth being engaged in. You can’t wish your way into the stability and prospects that ought to characterize a sound relationship. You can only work your way into that realm. It inculcates deliberate steps that require selflessness, sacrifices and discipline which is the hallmark of every born-again Christian. This is why it is best to be involved in a relationship with a solid Christian that will keep you focused while in the pursuit of destiny.

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