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Five Reasons Why a Woman Feels Unloved

Women need to feel loved and important in order for the relationship to work. Men tend to make the same mistakes repeatedly. This article will show the main reasons why the woman may feel unloved.

Men always make simple mistakes that cause women to feel unloved. It is so easy to satisfy the emotions of a woman, yet it is often pondered why men often mess up. After running a small social survey, I have propagated a list of the most common mistakes that men tend to make. Most of the women who I have spoken to, complain about the same issues regarding men. A woman needs to feel loved by her man in order for the relationship to progress successfully. So, I’ll go right into the reasons why a woman may feel unloved.

1.  A woman feels unloved when a man doesn’t show her the attention she deserves.

Lack of attention shown by the man is the number one culprit why relationships often turn bitter. This is the easiest problem to solve though. Women often complain about lack of cuddle time and romantic gestures. The men often do not show the interest that the woman desires. Women expect to be pursued even throughout the engagement of the relationship.

If the woman does not get the necessary attention that she craves, she may seek the attention elsewhere. Men need to continue to whisper nice romantic words to their women. It is important for the man to compliment his woman on her latest fashion or cosmetic endeavours.

2.  A woman feels unloved when a man forgets her birthday or their anniversary.

This seems to be a mistake often repeated by men. Women tend to take birthdays and anniversary very seriously. We will plan these special occasions for months in advance. Therefore, when expectations are not met on that special day, it will cause the woman to feel a lot of distress. Most women will be simple happy to receive some form of acknowledgement on that special day. Missing Anniversaries and birthdays send the wrong signal to the woman. She may feel that the man has not made the special occasion a priority.

3.  A woman feels unloved when a man doesn’t respect her feelings or shows that he cares.

Men often neglect a woman feeling and do not share his emotions with a woman. Men find it hard to nurture the emotional needs of a woman. In order for a relationship to work efficiently, both parties must respond positively to each other’s feelings. For instance, both parties must have mutual respect for the things that each person deems as important. The woman may feel unloved if the man does not show interest in the things she feels passionate about.

4.  A woman feels unloved when a man spends most of his time away.

This does occur in some relationships. When a man spends most of his time away from his woman, it will cause problems in the relationship. If a man repeatedly comes home from the bar late every night then this is a clear violation of the woman expectation of the relationship. In order for a relationship to function normally the man has to give her the quality time she needs.

5.   A woman feels unloved when a man doesn’t give her the reassurance she needs.

A woman needs reassurance that her partner is indeed in love with her. Whenever she says I love you, she expects him to respond in the same manner. She needs to feel like she is the only girl in the world. Man can show reassurance by taking her out to a romantic candlelight dinner or watch the sunset go down together. A simple hug or kiss each day can do the magic trick.



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