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Five Reasons Why Women Leave Men

Men often complain they don’t understand women. Women are different from one another but it turns out there are many common reasons why women leave men. Here are some of them.

For many men it is really hard to understand why women leave them. While very often women leave men without an apparent reason, usually there is a pretty serious reason why a woman will leave a man. One might argue that there are as many reasons why women leave men as there are women but actually the main reasons why guys get dumped are not that many. Here are some of the main reasons (not arranged in order of importance) why a woman leaves a man:

  1. He is a loser. Sometimes it takes a lot of time for a woman to make her mind that the guy she is with is not simply out of luck but that he is a loser. Losers are not fun, especially when they get malicious and vindictive and start to blame everybody else for their failures. No woman in her right mind will stay with a loser, unless she absolutely has to.

  2. Money. If a guy is not making enough, many women will dump him. What is more, if a woman is making her own leaving by hard work and in addition to that she has to pay for her lover’s expenses, this goes way too much and it iss easy to understand why she won’t commit. It is not precise to say that money makes a man but when a man doesn’t make money to support himself and his family, it is no wonder why women leave him.

  3. Other lover. Many guys, who are not losers and who make a lot of money are really devastated when their lady leaves them for another lover. While it is not pleasant to be dumped just because a new boy appeared in town, you just need to take it. In a sense, you should even be happy that you got rid of a chick who was with you not because she loved you but because you were convenient. It just makes no sense to try to get your ex back.

  4. He is a cheater, a liar, an abuser. Serious personal shortcomings, such as cheating, lying, abuse, drinking, etc. are also common reasons why many (though not all) women will dump a guy. In this case it is easy to take it because it is your fault your lady left you.

  5. Pressure from friends and relatives. Pressure from friends and relatives is another common reason why women leave men. In many cases it feels unfair. However, if you can’t make her friends and relatives like you and if she is easily manipulated, you can expect that she will leave you. But if the girl is tough and if she really thinks you are worth, no pressure from anybody will make her leave you.

The list of reasons why women dump men could be continued endlessly but even the reasons above are pretty common and therefore – worth knowing. Women often act logically but their logic could be somehow different from that of men and that is why it seems that women act irrationally. Well, this is not so and the more you know about women, the more success with them you will have.

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  1. Nicole

    On October 4, 2009 at 8:45 pm

    You have missed one of the biggest reasons why women leave men – neglect. I would not leave a man for lack of money because that comes and goes or family disapproval, but I have left men because they started to take me for granite and neglect me. It is very important to give women attention, so she feels you want to be with her. Also, listen to what she says to see if she is happy. It is not enough that you like her; she needs to be happy with you. Normally, the man doesn’t listen until its too late and the woman has already left the relationship in her mind. She will stick around a little while trying to get the man to hear her and change his behavior. But, normally he dismisses then, so she leaves him. Then, he can’t understand why she won’t come back. He won’t do anything until she has left. Then, he takes it seriously, but it is too late. Maybe you can hedge in business, but it doesn’t work in love.

  2. mnwrite

    On October 5, 2009 at 4:46 am

    Yes, you are right – neglect is a really common reason and it comes in many shapes. Actually, it must be very hard for a man to understand why a woman left him when he has money, is good looking, etc. but doesn’t show his appreciation for her.

  3. so much true

    On December 18, 2011 at 2:42 am

    many women today are into other women, instead of men. i would say that is a very good reason. much more women than ever before, leaving their husbands for other women. plus there are a lot of men that are very abusive as well, and that would do it too.

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