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Five Signs He is About to Propose or Thinking About Marriage

Hi ladies, do you wonder if your current beau is thinking about marriage or is about to propose? Here are five common signs that I discovered among my circle of girlfriends and myself ;)

These are the 5 signs and the first tip was the most obvious one for me :) -

1) He stops investing in expensive “guy toys” or “guy hobbies”
If he was constantly spending money modifying his car, spending lots of money on himself in the earlier part of the relationship and then now stops to save money or get into financial planning that will enable an increase in income, wedding bells could be ringing soon. He understands that he will need to be able to finance a home and support a wife and family.

2) He asks you for your opinion on having kids or jokes constantly about how your children might be like or look like.

3) He glances at jewellery shop windows displaying rings whilst out on a date with you and attempts to find out the size of your ring finger or asks a friend of yours to find out.

4) He tells you he has plans for the future and actively includes you in those plans. He might ask you what your plans are for the future, your career plans any further schooling or plans on moving to another city/country

5) He gets a close friend to hint about his intentions. An arrangement for a  surprise engagement party might be on the way.

There you go ladies, the 5 signs, if you experience more than 3 of the above, i say, whip out the bridal catalogue!

Love and Blessings!

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