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Five Signs That You Have Found Your Soul Mate

You have been here before and eventually the wonders of new love and the promise of a life together fade over time.

You wonder “Will this happen again this time? How can I tell if this is really the one? Can I let my guard down and look forward to a wonderful future together?”

Or maybe this is the first time you have ever felt like you have found your soul-mate, it feels so right and so perfect, but you wonder, “How can I be sure if this truly is my highest and best soul-mate?”

  1. You Are Totally Into Your Partner

    Not only are you totally into your partner, you find him or her so fascinating that if you spent the next 50 years together, you would still find him or her just as fascinating and interesting as the day you first met.

  2. You Share Many Common Interests With Your Partner

    You and your partner share so many common interests, whether that is through conversations, the quest for learning, understanding or knowledge, doing things together, hobbies or causes that you feel like you will never run out of things to do, be or talk about. You feel like your relationship is like an expansive ocean and you have only experienced a drop in the ocean of your lives together so far.

  3. Your Partner Feels Really Good Physically and Energically

    Your partner feels so good both physically and energically that you feel like you can just melt into one another and sometimes you can’t tell the difference between yours and your partner’s body when you are touching because the two of you just feel as well as fit so perfect together.

  4. Your Partner and You Share The Same Visions and Values

    In order to have a solid foundation to an everlasting relationship, both members of the couple need to share as much Values and Visions in common, otherwise the incompatibility will cause too much toxicity and deficiencies in the relationship. So do you have many values in common with your partner? Do you and your partner have the same Vision for your relationship and your life together?

  5. Your Partner and You Share Tons of Natural Attraction and Chemistry Together

    In order to have a soul-mate for life, you have to have so much chemistry and attraction that you can put a potato sack on or spend 40 days together on the reality show “Survivor” and still be attractive to your partner or both of you can be 150 years old and still want to make love to each other all the time.

If you do eventually find out you are not with your soul-mate, appreciate the experience that you had with your partner since he or she has assisted in guiding you towards your highest and best soul-mate by helping you to learn what you don’t want in a relationship.

If you have found your highest and best soul-mate congratulations on the beginning of a wondrous, expansive and loving relationship journey together.

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  1. Jeremy

    On October 10, 2010 at 11:16 am

    Great article!! I have recently found my HIGHEST soulmate as of 6 days ago. These all fit into place and describe what I am going through at the moment.
    For all of you old souls out there still looking for your soulmate DON’T give up! I was about to give up everything the DAY i found her!!! DON’T GIVE UP!!!!! This kind of relationship is AMAZING to say the least.

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