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Five Signs That Your Girlfriend is Psycho

Guys know that most women are a little crazy. Your girlfriend may be psycho if any of these signs start to show at an early stage….

1.  Your girlfriend tells you she loves you within the first month.  RUN!  If your girlfriend tells you that she loves you within the first month or so then she is definitely going to be too clingy.  Clingy girls may not seem too bad in the beginning but it ends up being terrible and over-the-top.  This is the first sign that she will follow through with the rest of the criteria that makes up a psycho girlfriend.

2.  Your girlfriend gets mad when you hang with your friends.  What?!?  Every guy needs time with his buddies to let loose.  You can’t have man time because she says “Why are your friends more important than me?  You hang out with them all the time!”.  This is ludicrous behavior that leads to more arguments for no reason and foreshadows the next sign.

3.  Your girlfriend EXTREMELY jealous.  Jealousy isn’t a rare emotion for anyone but when it is taken too far it becomes….well, psycho.  You know that your girlfriend is too jealous if she is angered by you having friends of the opposite sex or even just communicating with them.  Many ladies that are extremely jealous have friends that are less attractive than they are(there is a reference to this in the movie “Hall Pass”).  Get out as soon as possible!

4.  Your girlfriend lies about little things that are pointless.  “Once a liar, always a liar” proves true time after time.  If your girlfriend lies about ridiculous things in the beginning then she will most certainly continue to lie.  The lies will turn from small things to extravagantly fabricated stories about how she was raped on more than one occasion while she was black-out drunk.  You want to believe her without conducting a paternity test when she says the baby is yours….right?

5.  Your girlfriend gets violent on you.  Domestic violence goes both ways contrary to popular belief, and a violent girlfriend is no joke.  If your significant other rages on you for any reason that results in violence, end the relationship.  This type of activity usually isn’t a one time occurrence and should be taken seriously.  If they can hit you because they are angry, what would they do if they had access to a knife, bat, or even a gun?

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