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Going Into Debt is Like Losing Your Virginity

Stay out of debt for as long as you possibly can!

You ever remember what it was like to have your virginity? Most people mocked you and made fun of you for your beliefs, but then there were other people that were intrigued. Other individuals may not have even believed what you were telling them. Technically, it is not a conversation that one should ever have, but it always is, and it is always awkward. But then eventually you find the right person, and the rest is history.

Well debt is the same way. In the beginning, there is a lot of pressure to go into debt, just like there is a lot of pressure to have sex when you are still a virgin. You are made fun of, and haunted by the idea that if you just give in, you could have something that is out of your reach, just like sex; if you give in and sleep with this beautiful girl you will be happy and content. So you give in and sleep with the girl, and things do not work out exactly as they are planned.

Everyone has all of these grandiose ideas of what it is going to be like when they have sex for the first time. But as with anything else that is worth waiting for, they get tested. The average person does not make it to marriage, they end up with someone else that is not a virgin and they end up with someone else that has their own issues and their own baggage, and they do not end up with that person. The first time is always about the relationship with that other individual, it is not about sex for what it is worth; that is for people who been around for a while that do not care anymore.

Debt is the same way; the first time you go into debt, you plan on paying it off. But as it is with sex, things get complicated, you take on other financial responsibilities and before you know it you are paying more in interest than you are for the initial purchase. Some people find themselves sleeping around, some people find themselves opening up multiple revolving accounts. Some people find themselves paying interest, some people find themselves losing interest in their partner. Debt and sex are the same thing, in a lot of ways.

Then things get ugly; when you were a virgin you had a reputation that was entirely too good to be true for the average person, when you are without any debt, people hate you because you are obviously doing something right. When you have been around the block a few times you are a dirty, filthy whore. When you aren’t paying off your debt, you are a dirty, filthy whore. They even assign you a number to let other people know that you are irresponsible; there is no such number for sex, and even if there were, that number is relative, but people do not give you the benefit of the doubt.

Just as sexual situations get complicated and messy debt is the same way. Yet no one wants to hear you tell your story; no, rather you are a deadbeat, and as the rest of us did trying to finance that 72 inch color high definition TV, you got caught with your hands in the cookie jar. Now what happens when everything is priced out of reach, in order to encourage you to go into debt? Well everything seems out of reach sexually as well; you have to look good, dress sexy, have a lot of money, have an unrealistic and abnormal appetite for sex, you get the point.

Has America turned into a nation of filthy sinners that cannot pay off their debt? Are you more likely to go into debt if you are a whore monger and give it up before you are married? Who really knows; all I know is that the way in which you are perceived is the burden that you have to carry for your sins. Sure there are credit services to make you brand new, all over again? But despite how things look on the outside, you and God know what the real deal is; you dirty, filthy …

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