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Holding on or Letting Go?

A couple of things to consider when you want to put an end to a relationship and before taking probably you should consider a couple of things. In the end, things can be fixed if you know that it’s worth it.

Breaking up with someone that you love isn’t probably the easiest decision to
take but what happens when you just get fed up and realized that things aren’t
so smooth anymore? Because as much as you tried to make it work sometimes it’s
just not enough. There comes a time when things aren’t supposed to be as they
used and inevitably you have this doubt whether you should carry on with this
or not.

I’m not talking here about little doubts or fights that appear in a
relationship because it is pretty normal to have them once in a while
especially when you are passionate about something. I’m referring more to those
who try too much and see that the other one doesn’t care or is mistreated. Or
the simple fact that one of you realized doesn’t care about your persona or
what is going on in your life. And what about when the relationship starts to
crumble because fights is taking over?

I came across this subject because as I was talking to a friend I jumped to
a conclusion that perhaps it came a day when she has to say enough. It’s hard
to notice when the other one doesn’t care anymore because she is too blinded by
the love she carries for him. She often said that she would be better off with
him or that she deserves more but what about those feelings which keeps her
near him? I wish I had a proper answer for this because I would really want to
help her and make her see the reality.

And to be even more honest I’m not her to take her decision. I was just
thinking so to speak what would be the best decisions in order for someone to realize
that probably a breakup or a simple separation would be good for the soul and
mind to know what is the best thing to do. It would be hard probably not to
hear his or her voice anymore, see one another because some couples stay
together because they got used to each other and they are afraid to start from

Probably the best thing to do is to detach from all of this as much as you
can and think objectively whether this relationship is good for you anymore.
Then just start analyzing the things that brought you to think or see it as a
problem or something that made you to bother about it. And as you finish
thinking and having your pros and cons balanced them and see which side is heavier.

Of course as you took you decision but just to have in mind so that you
know what to do from now on try to talk to each other this time calmly and
sincere because otherwise all this process is in vain and is again a waste of
your time. Look into each other’s eyes and try to be as frank as possible and
say the things that kept on bothering you for the last time. Perhaps that at
the beginning it will be a bit odd but as you start being in control and say
what’s on your mind things will start to come out one after another. Be as calm
as possible and don’t be obviously bothered about his or her’s sayings because
we may be surprised that it wasn’t about only the other one’s fault. To be in a
relationship it takes two not one.

 So, as you finish you discussion you
could whether take the decision on the spot or just give it a rest for a couple
of days so that the other one can think clearly and take the proper decision.
Because it doesn’t have to be a breakup. Some people do change and what to make
it work so why this wouldn’t be in your case?

As the decision is made by both sides you can either continue or put an end
to it. If you decide to carry one probably it’s time now to reconsider your behavior
and change things in a good way that bothered him or her. But if you see that
things remained the same and it hasn’t changed a bit or you’re not happy
anymore probably it’s nothing else to do but to separate this time for good. I
know it can be hard and you have to take a lot in consideration but why live in
a miserable, unhappy life and bring outside what is the worst of you. Being in
a relationship is all about trust, making the other one happy and be content
about it. And when it’s not probably it’s just time to let go.

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