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How Do You Know If You’ve Fallen in Love?

Do you really love them? Or are you just really wanting a one night stand. five tips on how you might be in love.

  • Deep feelings – When you are around this person you think you might have fallen in love with.. You should feel most of all happy; But also loved , wanted ,& protected. You want this person to be in your life, but you wouldn’t care if everyone else walked out of it, because this one person is the only one you feel , you need in your life to be happy.

  • A Connection – When in love.. This person should and may be the only one in this world that understands you.Close enough to understand your problems via friends , family , or financially. To have this tip , you may have had to had a long , deep , sorta best friend to best friend relationship. You can tell them anything and they automatically understand why you may feel this way about a curtain situation. Most of all.. You both need a connection.. If something were to go wrong they would understand and be by your side no matter what. And you can trust them enough to know that.

  • The basics – Make sure you like this person for THEM. Not money or looks.  Liking them for their-self will give the same result. They won’t like you for looks if your about their money, and vice versa. Understand that if you and this person ever got serious that you would still love them the same way you did before, After you found out how your lifestyle would be with this person. Can they afford going out to eat , supporting a baby (if it ever came down to that) , a nice stable home. All of that shouldn’t matter whether you love this person or not. Love is never about money or looks , only about feelings and friendship.

  • Always on your mind – Ever wonder what they’re doing? Want to call them just to hear they’re voice? Can’t get them off your mind? Thinking about them is a MUST when in love. If you barley ever think about them , you may not love them only like them.  This one person should be the only person you think of romantically or sexually , If your thinking of anyone else like that then you may need to restate whether this is the ONE person you love, or if you’re just having mixed feelings.

  • Sexually and mentally – This is a very important tip when in love. You may not be at the “sex stage” yet. But if you and this person ever get to be, then there will need to be some understandings. Whether you have known this person long or not. You may not know their history. They might not be a virgin or they may be. Or they may not be flat out as good if you ever have before. And this may affect you both in the future. This tip may be important but when you think you’re falling in love this should be the LAST one on your mind. Sex isn’t everything in a relationship. It’s good. But if you’re CONSTANTLY thinking about this person in a sexual way. You may just be looking for a one-night stand rather than a long deep relationship that might actually go somewhere.

I hope this tips give you information on whether you really love this person or not. 

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