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How to Act Around a Guy You Like?

How To Act Around A Guy You Like?

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You saw this guy at a party and could soon sense some feelings surfacing. You tried to avoid them, but that something special kept making itself evident every now and then. Somehow you managed to get yourself an introduction through a common friend. You got talking with him and by the end of it, realized that you have actually spoken a lot. Too many things in common is always a good thing, isn’t it? Both of you exchange numbers and meet up a few times over coffee. Your feelings for him won’t curb down and his on the other hand, don’t seem to leave the ground at all. You start wondering if something is really going wrong somewhere. Are you behaving in a manner that you shouldn’t?

Bang! Realization finally hits! But then, how to act around a guy you like? or what to say to a guy you like? Are there some laid down rules you need to follow? Well, not really! However, there are certain things you should completely avoid in front of a guy you like, a few of which are mentioned below. These will surely help you stay in his mind, for longer than you thought, and for the good. Just follow these 5 simple tips mentioned below and in no time, you will be observing some positive changes!

How to Act Around a Guy You Like: Simple Tips

Keep It Simple, Silly
The first lesson here is to keep everything simple. Guys like girls who are sorted out and easy to be with, but difficult to get. Keep your opinions, suggestions and advice on something very simple and clear. When you are with him, don’t complicate things when they aren’t required. Don’t try to ask him too much about himself and don’t tell too much about yourself. If he asks you a question, answer it and if you don’t want to, tell him you can’t and why you can’t do so. Too much of information right from the start, make company boring later. If you don’t like something about him or a certain way he behaves in, tell him nicely about it. Do not act in a way that implies what you think, keep it straight. Even the relationship status should be simple. Either you are friends or you are dating and are in a relationship. A girl who is easy, will never be taken seriously! Even if you love the guy, no dignity for yourself, will also mean less respect in his eyes!

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