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How to Deal With a Narcissist in a Relationship

What should you do if you are in relationship with a narcissist? Conviron Altatis shares…

Do you think you are in a relationship with a narcissist? Here are some useful info about narcissists in a relationship:

Narcissism in layman’s term…

Psychologists say that narcissists are suffering from looking at a False Self, an illusionary image of their grandiose and omnipotent self. Other psychologists, however, say that this so-called False Self is not a self at all since it does not really exist. It could be called the Imaginary Self. Narcissism is a disorder because its sufferer is deviated from reality, which is no different from one who is high of drugs. Narcissists refuse to accept the fact that they are just like someone else- mortal, vulnerable, and normal. Rather, they are convinced that they belong to the pedestal and should be given special love and reverence.

In layman’s term, narcissism is an exaggerated self-esteem.

(How is narcissism related to sadism and masochism?)

Narcissists fall in love, too.

Narcissism does not exempt the sufferer from falling in love, which is a human nature. Narcissists are human too and they are vulnerable of the Cupid’s arrow. Self-confessed narcissists sometimes deny the fact that they fall in love.

The thing is that narcissists fall in love not in the way non-narcissists do. Since narcissists have an exaggerated self-esteem, the dilemma between loving your partner and loving yourself often comes in the way. Two things can happen here- it’s other the partner is willing enough to scoot over and let this narcissistic lover sit beside or the partner is unwilling to scoot over so the narcissists will have to find other seat. It’s a matter of who is willing to give in.

(So how should we deal with narcissistic people?)

Narcissist- a problematic lover

Narcissists are made to be in a problematic relationship. You can’t do anything with that. If you are willing to be in a relationship with a narcissist, then you should be ready for the consequences. There are several reasons why narcissists are problematic lovers. First, they tend to love themselves more than their partner. Second, they tend to be promiscuous since they believe that they are grandiose so they deserve more love (which means more lovers).

(What about male narcissists?)

Do you qualify as a narcissist’s lover?

Only the most obedient, patient, meek, humble, lowly, and kind person can keep a long-lasting relationship with a narcissist. 

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