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How to Find a Smart Sexy Girl Online

Having a relationship with someone not smart is not quite different from having a relationship with a rock or a stone. With social networks and the right websites you can find the best girl for you – the smart one.

Dating a girl who is not smart is little better than dating a rock, you will be bored, she will be bored and all of you will have a bad time. As the saying goes “birds of a feather fly together“.

Facebook being the top social network should be your place of choice. Choose applications where you need to use your brain, such as puzzles, and try to beat all the competition. Since you will be competiting against the entire network, it is easy to see the smart ones at the top. See those above your rank if there is any picture of the opposite sex that interests you. You can start a conversation, maybe challenging each other to see if that person is smart enough for you.

Other website than Facebook are book websites. See what you like to read and see if anyone else again from the opposite sex or the same sex if that is your love preference loves to read the same books you do and if they like to read similar books to what you have read. Search on Google because there are so many websites that can do it you will get lost in the sea. Good reads is a good one to start.

Start an online business about what you like to do, such as painting or photography and connect with people with the same interests. Maybe your soul mate is in that website waiting for you.

It is much better to start a relationship with someone with the same intelligence level and the same interests than someone who is completely the opposite. Who has ever been in such a relationship knows exactly that.

Dating websites are probably the worst place to go to find a good match for you because smart people do not waste much time with such sites, you can see very little besides the photo and some basic (lied?) information.

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