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How to Get Rid of Jealousy?

Jealousy. The sentiment that destroys relationships, but also a sentiment that could protect you against unwanted pain. Little jealousy is good now and then, and even if men don’t admit it, they are happy when their significant other shows a little bit of jealousy, as this means that she cares. On the other hand, from this point to checking the phones of your boyfriend or checking him at work to see what he is doing, is a long road, and you should not take that path.

Many believe that jealousy is a feeling specific to women. Not true! Both women and men suffer from jealousy. Jealousy is a mixture of fear and uncertainty about the person you love the most. It is the fear of losing somebody, and a sentiment of protection sometimes.

Psychologists believe that jealousy is manifested in a couple because one partner is not confident about the respective relationship anymore. After a while, jealousy begins to change the life of the couple, and it ends up by destroying the respective couple. Can we get rid of jealousy? Experts say that this is possible, as long as you can educate your mind to think in another way.

How can we stop jealousy in a relationship? 

Some specialists say that jealousy in a relationship is like salt for the food. Will give a little flavor, but too much can spoil the pleasure of eating. Jealousy in a relationship is like a reward to the first days of sincere love, but later, it becomes a major problem for both partners. Some couples can’t get over this moment, so the partners break up.

Always positive 

Jealousy is the result of some unpleasant experiences in the past that affected the trust of a person. If you had an unpleasant experience of this kind, if you have had a partner who has cheated or lied to you, it is possible for your behavior to change in a negative way, which would affect your future relationships. For this reason, you should not make comparisons between your boyfriend now and ex-boyfriends, as no person is like the other.


Note that many people who want to learn how to get rid of jealousy are actually victims of lack of self-confidence.  It is important to identify the reason that caused this lack of confidence in you, and to try to overcome this obstacle.

Talk more

If you want to learn how to get rid of this harmful feeling, you need to discuss this matter with your partner. Jealousy will begin to rule the relationship if you don’t take the necessary actions in time. Before drawing conclusions, remember that reality is more enjoyable than you see it through the eyes of jealousy. Tell your partner everything you feel, what bothers you, and what your suspicions are. It’s much better to talk than to suffer, and we are sure that you can solve these problems together.

Weight your options

When you feel your soul being flooded with jealousy, think about the reasons that caused it. If your partner arrives late, he does not answer the phone every night; he forgets anniversaries and meeting hours, or if a friend of his makes gestures that seem odd to you, it is better to ignore these incidents. Do not let them interfere between you and to destroy the love that you have for your boyfriend. In the majority of time, those are only results of your imagination.

Offer space 

Remember that your partner also has his own preoccupations. It is true that you should be on his first place, but think about the fact that he has other needs also.

The best relationship is the one between two people that are different, so try to understand how your significant other thinks and acts.

Trust and honesty 

Trust and honesty are the two most important components of healthy relationships. Lack of either of them may lead to jealousy, sometimes taken to extreme. Try to discover what brought jealousy in your life, and after discussing the issue with your partner, try to trust him more.

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