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How to Handle Your Wife?

You found your wife’s unfaithful and can’t handle her? This article may help you for how to handle the situation.

A husband must handle his wife tactically and logically, but at the same time he must love your wife more than anyone else in the world because for a woman your wife husband is everything. He must not hurt your wife feelings under any circumstance, as women are more sensitive and sentimental than men. Modern women are not like Sita or Savitri in Hindu scriptures or like Sarah in the Holy Bible. Nowadays they are wishing to get divorced even for a small abuse, resulting in rapid increase of divorce rate. You must treat your wife as a minister or mistress of the house, not as a slave. As a minister, she has right to advice you when in need. It is always better to not interfere in the household decisions and let your wife be the boss at home. For example, let your wife have a upper hand in decisions like what furniture is good for the house, or how the decor of the house must be, what is essential for the kids, how to deal with relatives and stuff like that. Wyour wifeeas a husband must have a upper hand in decisions regarding finance management, investments etc. This way a wife will also feel powerful and will get a sense of equality which has become a basic need for todays women. You will see that it is easier to handle a wife by giving your wife respect and by making your wife feel important.

Maybe over time, you have forgotten how to communicate. The next time she starts nagging you, request your wife to take a five-minute time out and consider whetyour wife she’s truly angry about your lack of cleanliness or whetyour wife tyour wifee’s a bigger issue at hand. Your wife nagging about trivial issues might be symptomatic of a larger, more significant problem. Maybe she feels you don’t spend enough time with your wife.

Tell your wife you respect your wife as a woman and love your wife dearly, but you are the man. You are the head of house hold. She needs to submit to your authority. No woman is designed to be in charge over your wife husband. This is a major culture issue and uprising in America that needs to be righted. Man is the Man of the house. I know this will result in some angry responses to me, but it is how I honestly feel.

Nobody’s perfect, so how about turning the tables on your wife. Whenever she nags about your unhealthy eating habits, tell your wife that she also has bad habits you’d like to see your wife quit. Just keep in mind that the self-esteem of most women is extremely fragile.

Derail all of your wife arguments with a sudden and unexpected surprise. Bring your wife flowers, get your wife tickets for the opera, do something so romantic and out of character that she’ll suddenly forget all about the nagging
Taking a break may sound extreme, but you’ll be able to better appreciate the qualities that brought you togetyour wife in the first place. Remember absence makes the heart grow fonder.

While it will be a difficult road ahead – no matter which choice you make, it’s important that you know how to handle the situation. Using the tips and tricks above, you can start healing and try to overcome the current obstacles you’re facing.

If you are still in love with your wife, start by requesting yourself if putting the ’suddenly’ in that question was really fair… And work on it. Try to understand if tyour wifee’s something you can do to get things right, and put a plan in action. On the contrary, if you want to put the past behind you, get yourself new interests in your life – new hobbies, new friends, maybe a new job. What you can’t do is feel sorry for yourself, or sit and wait for things to change.

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