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How to Keep Your Love Affair / Relationship

Women, you should know that there are some things we have to learn and skills to hone to keep the fire in his heart burning in our favor.

So he asked you “will you be my girl?”, and you excitedly replied, “of course!”…but don’t you know it doesn’t end there? There is still a big work to do to keep the relationship going for years.

There are break-ups which are caused by or rooted from inability of a partner to adjust or to go with the  flow. The thing is, there is something you can do to keep your bond — if not the spark — gel so well and keep your relationship happy.

Here is a little list of things women might have to learn or to develop for more years of  “love, love, love”. 

1. Learn his hobbies. There is a saying that goes like, “if you can’t beat ‘em. join ‘em”. Does he spend hours in front of a gaming console playing a video game? Does he go gaga over NBA? Is he into gardening? You should know what activities keeps him happy and busy when he’s not in his work. You cannot forbid him from doing his hobbies. Instead of being irritated all day long, why don’t you learn and be acquainted with his favorite activity? If he’s into online games, learn how to play it. If he’s into golf, go get a club. He will appreciate your efforts and eventually return to you the favor.

2. Learn how to cook. If you can’t cook to save your life, better start watching a cooking show and start the fire burning in your kitchen. Men are impressed at women that knows how to cook, and cooks really well. There are even some men that find girls in aprons holding spatulas very sexy. Food is the way to a man’s heart, and it is still true at this modern era.

3. Learn not to cling too much. Independent girls are still attractive. Clingy girls irritate men to the core. Try to create a life outside of your relationship. Do not channel all your energy to the guy, as he should not be the center of the universe. If he wants to go out with his guy buds, let him. Show him that there is life other than him. Stick with your “one step forward, two steps back” routine, and he’ll be crazy over you. It’s for you and your guy’s sake anyway.

4. Prettify! Never stop making yourself look beautiful.

5. Learn how would he effectively get your signals. Sorry for the term, but it’s like training a pet new tricks. You might want to use positive and negative reinforcements. If you are a jolly and outgoing person, try to lessen the talk or to be plain silent when you feel upset instead of nagging. By this way, you can tell him you are upset with poise and conserving your body’s energy.

6. Learn to be straight to the point. Girls are world-known in saying “yes” which means “no”. And only a few men understand when yes becomes yes and yes becomes no, sadly most of this few men are taken. But most of the guys are clueless about the women’s confusing language. When you have your guy, learn to straighten up your words with your ideas. Have your no a big NO and yes a resounding YES. Learn to avoid making double meanings, as guys do not have the skills to decipher that. Communicate and communicate well. If you want to say something but do not want to sound really harsh, choose your words but do not give another meaning to something.

7. Continue to play and flirt with your own guy. It keeps your relationship exciting. Do it well and he’ll return to you the flirting, not with another girl.

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