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How to Know Someone Secretly Loves You

You can know when a person loves you, use these tips.

There are many times when people secretly love others, you can call it crash. However, they find themselves to mention it to those they love due to many factors like timing, fear, and shyness. In this article, I have laid some the ways you can use to discover someone has a crush on you but for some reasons they have not yet told you, such ways include;

1.      They like to tell you how they have never been love

If you have a friend who constantly tells you that he/she has never been in love, then know that, (1) That person is lying (2) That person is in love with you.  Many people believe that lying that they have never loved anyone will make some one love them. In most cases, this trick has worked so well since many people would like to love those who have never been in love before.

2.      They pass your place so often

I mean the place of residence or a place where you can easily be accessed. If you see some over passing where you are, then know that he/she is trying to win your attention.  You will even notice that such people move aimlessly without having where they are going apart from passing where you are. Many of them hope that one day, you will make a gesture also indicating that you love them or wait for a moment when they will start a conversation.

3.      Over send good night messages

If you take a closer look at love and its effects, you will note that love is stronger at night, that is when the lonely people begin thinking about all those girls, men, women or men they would like to have.  That is why; people who are secretly living others will always send them good night messages. So if you have some one who has for long been doing such, then know that that person is clearly in love with you and just wait for a chance to have a love relationship with you.

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