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How to Make Sure You And Your Woman Are Satisfied in Bed

Reap the rewards in spades for just putting a little effort in now.

Ok, so were all out to please. When it comes to pleasing your woman in the bedroom there’s nothing more satisfying. Sometimes it’s not just about what you do to her, but what you say to her as well as how you make her feel.

Here is your first keyword: sexy. Making her feel Sexy is everything. Once you know how to make your woman feel sexy, your sex life will be unforgettable and not to mention creative, open and extremely powerful. She will definitely be more involved, and have the desire to return those physical pleasures.

Making Her Feel Desired

It’s not rocket science you know! It’s actually really easy, and doesn’t cost you any money at all (unless you enjoy buying her those flowers now and again!). Men and women’s desires both need to be considered when it comes down to the bedroom. I am referring to certain things you both want done to you. This is not to suggest selfishness of any kind but instead worthy desires. Unfortunately you may have gone without these things several times because you don’t know how to motivate your woman to do these things for you.
In childhood, little girls’ dream of tender romance in which they are beautiful princesses sought after by the handsome prince. During youth, uppermost in a girls mind is finding a man who will love and cherish her. You need to give her the kind of attention that will awaken her emotions of worship and adoration towards you.

Woman are inclined to feel sexy by being complemented on by poise, talent, intellectual gifts, and cleverness of personality as well as artistic beauty such as the shape of her face, her nose or her clothes. Once you start complimenting her and making her feel good about herself, she’ll start opening up to you mentally and physically. She’ll feel accepted in your arms and comfortable about her body, mind and soul.

So all in all, make sure she knows you’re attracted to her and why! Be that little bit more romantic and slowly her mind and body will open up to you.

It’s Called The Art of Seduction

This is where we focus a little more on the physical side. Little things, like sweeping her off her feet with passionate kisses at least once a day can have a powerful effect. Letting her know you can’t keep your hands off her makes her feel sexual power and control. Once she has the confidence, she’s in control when it comes to pleasing you and letting you please her in many other ways too.

Touching is so important when it comes to seducing a woman. It can begin simply by touching her hair, her hand or other non-sexual parts of her body. Offering to wash her hair in the bath, or rub her shoulders is a soothing way to begin touching her body. By initiating touch in this gentle and loving way you are saying that the parts of her body that do not offer sexual stimulation are also important to you.

If a woman thinks you’re only sleeping with her for your own pleasure, she’ll resent it and unconsciously and close her body from you. Treat her like she’s the only thing that matters and shell treat you the same.

Ok, so these things will take a bit of practice and time but if you want results this is the only way to get it. That is if you want to get it the right way. It’s always the little things that melt a woman’s heart into your arms and once you’ve mastered the skill….all I can say is happy hunting!

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    On March 8, 2008 at 10:57 am

    eiii…. made me realize that keeping your girl happy in bed is a must of relationship, not just to satisfy your sexual desire, tnx a lot…

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    you’re wonderful,your tips are spot on thanks so much.

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    Hey, I want to know the rips to make women satisfied

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    i m not satisfied with my man he does know how to get me horny

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