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How to Put a Little Spice Back Into Your Love Life

This article will give you some spicy information to spicing up your relationship and pointers to help you keep your marriage or relationship in tip – top shape and keep the home fires burning.

“How to put a little spice back into your love life”                       

In my many years of being in a relationship with husbands or boyfriend, I’ve learned  that relationship

don’t work without constant work.

the work I’m talking about, is the work that  holds the relationship together.

If you’re in a marriage  and your relationship has gone to sleep, you need to do something to revive it quickly

before both parties lose interest.

When a relationship is new, you have a lot of fiery passion to spice it up; but after a while of doing and

saying the same old things, your relationship becomes a repetitious circle.

If you’re in a good relationship and you really love each other, then you have to do the things that starts

the old  fires  flames burning again.

This is where the work comes in, you have to be very creative, inventive, persistent and determined in order

to get your relationship up and running again in the right directions.

Before we get started, I suggest you make  a true assessment or evaluation of your current relationship to

see if it’s worth saving, Then work hard to do so; but if you’re wasting  your time , then you  might as well

throw in the towel now and call it a day.

For those of you that have a pretty decent relationship and you need just a little help getting up and

running again, here’s my advice to help you along the way.

Women we sometimes tend to let ourselves go, well, I suggest you start taking better care of yourselves.

1. I suggest you start eating properly,exercising, and keeping your face looking pretty, hair and nails done.

2.Wear his favorite colonge or perfume all the time,  and all the oufits that turns him on.

3.If you have kids, get them off to bed early, so you can have some time alone together; give him a massage

and talk about the old times, kiss his temples and maybe nibble on his ear and whisper sweet nothings in his ear.

4.Have a bedroom pinic for just the two of you, send the kids to a relative or a friend for over night and tell

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