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How to Say Goodbye to Someone You Love?

A simple way of opinion that can give you the guts of saying goodbye to the you treat so dearly.

This questions is so very simple but so hard to do. The hardest part of saying goodbye is, if the person is asking for you to say goodbye and asking for you to leave him or her and not to get back ever again to their lives. That’s too painful. even I, had already in that kind of circumstances, you can’t fight back even if you don’t like that person to leave. Especially, for those girlfriend and boyfriend. The promises are all gone, your still at your peak on loving that person, but the other party is already their, preparing to live without you. I remember this kind of feeling, I cried, only thing that I can do is just to cry, I cried and cried. The thing is no one knows how hurt you have been by that time. It’s like a bomb, you can’t explain but one thing is  for sure you are so deeply desperate of losing the one you love. There are several reasons why people leave, some people leave because they we’re dying , others leave because they want it to, it’s their decision to break up with us.


Guys I wanna share something to you, for those whose being hurt, it’s just a simple thought that i used, I know that this will never be that easy to go back and leave. But at least we tried , right?


Remember, we do not own another person. He or she can do whatever he or she wants to do. How could we not  say goodbye if that is being asked of you? Probably, there is the root of desirous attachment. Our desires might be too attached to the other person in a way that is not healthy. The only way to release this, as with anything else, is with tremendous love and compassion for you and for the other person you love.


I wanna share something, a poem which entitled ” Saying goodbye” by Anthony West. This a love poem, not just about love, it describes the mixed feelings of saying goodbye to a very special girl who fired up the feelings of incredible passion. If you have a little spare time , just take a look and read this poem.


Many of us are not yet prepared for this situation, the situation of deciding if what would be our reactions toward this feelings. Probably this is also one of the reason why it’s too painful, because we are not yet prepared. Again , how do you say goodbye to someone you love? How do you deal with that feeling… of knowing, which these are all unexpected  — of just sensing in your guts that the relationship is over? You have not yet broken up; but the relationship is at its deathbed.


Another suggestion, when my girlfriend broke me up. I’m on my deepest darkest months. I think I cried for several months almost 3 months. I realized day by day, that nothing here in this world is permanent, whether they gave a lot of promises and no matter how many times we tried to say I LOVE YOU to someone, it will not give you the guarantee and assurance that they will never leave us. One of the nights I cried, I tried it so hard, just for me to realized that our CREATOR has something best for my life. Maybe, If God plans to take away something or someone you really love most, probably HE HAS SOMETHING MORE AND MUCH BETTER PERSON PREPARED FOR YOU. You know what, while I’m doing this I cried.


“I’m still hoping that she’s in good hands, that she can find someone which she thinks better than me.That person should love her more than I do”. This statement gives me a lot of courage to fight and to be happy for her. 


Hopefully by this article, I can share to you my little experienced regarding break ups and sad goodbyes.  


I have had a full life.  I had seen a revolution through, had survived a war,  and had already said too many good-byes. And yet a few degrees, some wisdom, a handful of years and several disappointments later–But my life keeps me on my toes, and I still don’t know how to say goodbye to someone I love.


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